November 8, 2011

This weekend Reset San Francisco founder Phil Ting hosted a community breakfast with over 125 everyday Muni riders to continue organizing for a faster and more reliable Municipal Railway.

The event was the culmination of a round of ten Muni town halls that Reset has hosted focused on improving individual lines, including the 38 Geary, N Judah, L Taraval, 1 California, 30 Stockton, M Ocean View, K Ingleside, T Third and 5 Fulton over the last ten weeks. The town hall series began in August with an expert panel discussion at the Hall of Flowers with Tim Papandreou, Joel Ramos and Greg Dewar attended by over 250 San Franciscans. Read More

We’ve already given you our Muni Survival Kit, but it has come to our attention that perhaps one of the easiest things we can do to Reset Muni starts with establishing some basic Muni Manners. Now we aren't pointing any fingers (Chiubacca), but we think that we could all benefit from an etiquette tutorial that would make Emily Post proud. NYC has their own public transportation etiquette signs. And we think that a good dose of our own Muni Manners might make Muni a more enjoyable ride for all of us. So here are Reset’s 10 easy steps to bring a bit more civility to public transit. Read More


By: Larry Bush

There are lots of things we might want to let City Hall handle.

Setting the rules for their own campaign consultants isn’t one of them.

That’s what will happen if Proposition F passes this week in an election where this proposal barely merited a whisper among all the loud shouting by other campaigns.

City Hall already had its turn at setting rules for their own campaign consultants, including a rule that consultants shouldn’t lobby officials they helped elect who still owe them money. Read More

On November 1, mayoral candidate Phil Ting and the Reset San Francisco community successfully ran a L-Taraval Muni Express Bus from 46th Avenue at Taraval Street to Downtown San Francisco – an idea generated from one Muni rider at our town hall when riders heard about the successful and well-regarded NX-Judah Express. Our express bus pilot project is designed to show Muni that it is possible to take commuters from the Sunset to Downtown San Francisco quickly and comfortably. Read More

Muni riders frustrated with on-time performance and over-crowding will soon see some service improvements on four major Muni lines, according to the Examiner – but the exact timeline has not been announced.

The SFMTA plans to change the stops and frequency of the N Judah, J Church, 28 19th Avenue Limited and F Market lines based on rider feedback, performance data and feedback from drivers and transit operators. These four Muni lines collectively carry nearly 93,000 passengers a day. Read More

By: Victoria Holliday

Did you know it is illegal to park your car in the same spot in San Francisco for more than 72 hours even if you have a valid residential parking permit? I didn’t – and it cost me $600 in tow fees and $100 SFMTA parking ticket. Ouch! I parked my car on a street near my apartment and did not move or check on it because there was not upcoming street cleaning. One day after work, I got a letter from the SFMTA informing me that my car had been stationary for over 72 hours and had subsequently been towed. 

Under SF Transportation Code Section 7.2.29, parking in the same spot for more than 72 hours is prohibited. If you do, the city considers your car abandoned and will tow it. I’ve lived in San Francisco over 5 years and had never heard of such a law, nor were any signs posted anywhere informing me of such a law. Read More

By: Jonathan Knapp

November 4-10, 2011
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (701 Mission St., San Francisco)

In this era of economic collapse, climate change and so many forms of unrest, it can sometimes be difficult to be optimistic. But we don’t always have the luxury to choose: “As an architect, if you’re not optimistic, you’re not going to be able to survive professionally, so you have to believe in the future,” says British architect Sir Norman Foster during Urbanized, a documentary that shows just how much is at stake in the development and survival of cities. Read More

By: Phil Ting

We’ve said fairly often over the last year here at Reset that we deserve a city government as innovative as San Franciscans. And today we’re excited to announce that we’ve had yet another breakthrough in proving it is possible to make our government dramatically more effective.

Today, Reset San Francisco is excited to announce the winner of our mobile app contest to develop an automated towing notification system that allows drivers to know when they’re in a tow away zone. Read More


Data just released by the San Francisco Department of Elections indicates that only 17.5% of absentee ballots issued in San Francisco have been returned. With just seven days to go, a total of 36,561 ballots have been returned – meaning an overall voter turnout of just 7.8% so far.

Come on folks – we can’t Reset San Francisco if we don’t vote in the November 8 election. If you have an absentee ballot – today is a good day to drop it into your mailbox. Read More


By: Phil Ting

It’s sad – but we’ve reached the point where many people are shocked when our much-maligned Municipal Railway works every now and then. But beyond the shock, there can actually be inspiration when we show how Muni can function as it should – one bus, one streetcar and one line at a time.

That’s why we plan to shock and maybe even inspire L-Taraval riders tomorrow (Tuesday) morning with our own Reset San Francisco experiment in express service. We will be testing our own express route on the morning commute – and if you want to get to work on time and in comfort – check out our schedule here. Read More

Phil Ting

If you have any questions, contact Phil. See how users are using Reset San Francisco here.
Together we can Reset San Francisco.

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