This footage was discovered by the Reset San Francisco production team.

The contents of which were too frightening to release to the public.


With all this talk of sharks, hairy Star Wars characters, bombardments of robocalls and ugly direct mail pieces, and fist fights outside of campaign headquarters, the election just keeps getting more and more horrifying.

Politics shouldn't be this scary.

Watch and share Reset San Francisco's very own horror video.

By: Eric Jaye

At Reset we focus more on policy than politics – but we can’t create better policies unless we get out and vote.

That’s why the new absentee ballot return numbers coming back are important to review. As of yesterday, only 22,211 absentee ballots for the San Francisco November election had been returned out of a total of 205,884 mailed more than two weeks ago. Read More

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While we have been reminding you “don’t forget to look up” outside in San Francisco, we haven’t shown you reasons to look up indoors. Until now…

Do you know where this glass ceiling is in San Francisco? Read More

Do you think that a 21st century city like San Francisco needs to do a better job incorporating open data into public transportation? Luckily, the smart people at Kicker Studios do, too.

According to Scientific American, the design company has recently been working on a SMS interface that uses a number of data sets that have been available – and under utilized – for years. This interface is a work-in-progress, designed with the goal of using all this open data to improve on NextBus – a system that tells you when San Francisco busses and other forms of public transportation are coming. The data being put to use by Kicker Studios covers bus routes, incident reports, fastest routes, safest routes and parking information – ultimately, to make MUNI better. Read More

At Reset San Francisco we believe that a great city deserves an innovative government – a government with vision. That’s why Phil Ting is working to show how innovative solutions can work, especially when we work together. 

On November 1, Phil Ting and the Reset San Francisco campaign will pilot its own
L-Taraval Express Bus from 46th Avenue & Taraval Street to Downtown San Francisco – an idea from our L-Taraval Muni Town Hall after riders heard about the highly regarded NX-Judah Express. Read More

By: Chad Richards

The results are in for the annual Oregon Manifest Constructor’s Design Challenge, and the winning bike is pretty awesome. The challenge, which takes place every September, asks bike enthusiasts to “design and build the ultimate modern utility bike.”  This year’s winner, Portland native Tony Pereira, is the owner of Pereira Cycles.

Pereira’s bike, painted fluorescent pink, features an electric assist, which can boost a rider’s power, a lockable storage container to protect valuables and a sound system so riders doesn’t get too bored during long rides. Pereira told judges that he hopes his newest bike design will help replace cars for many cycle enthusiasts and possibly attract potential riders who are currently turned off by the idea of biking their daily commutes. Read More

By: Ben Butterworth

The Washington Post recently reported India’s efforts to deliver modern technology to the masses – at an extremely cheap price – has finally been realized with the release of the Aakash tablet.

The Aakash – which translates to “sky” in Hindi – has a 7-inch touch screen, can play HD videos smoothly and can access Wi-Fi. While its technological abilities are rather standard these days – the price is anything but. The Aakash is currently being sold at $45 U.S. dollars (2250 Indian rupees) to the general public of India. Thanks to government subsidies, the price drops to $35 (1750 rupees) for students and teachers. Read More

Today a new video featuring Bay Area 1%, came out in support of Mayor Ed Lee. The video is the work of an independent expenditure group called San Franciscans for Jobs and Good Government headed by a Silicon Valley “angel investor.“ The group has also gotten financial help from Sean Parker – you know, the guy played by Justin Timberlake.

The video is set to a remix of MC Hammer’s song "2 Legit 2 Quit" with Hammer himself, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, Google’s Marissa Mayer and Giants Closer Brian Wilson. All are endorsing mayoral candidate Ed Lee. It’s a great video showing how billionaires get down. Read More

Ever feel guilty for not reading the multiple pages of fine print that are given to you upon the purchase of a new cell phone plan? Well, you no longer have to –  thanks to the recently launched Transparency Labs and their creation of the National Fine Print Repository (NFPR). Employees at Transparency Labs are tirelessly reading through dull, jargon-filled contracts – everything from cell phones to retirement accounts – so you don’t have to. Read More

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