Phil Ting is an ardent supporter of successful green programs in San Francisco, especially when he fought to protect GoSolarSF, San Francisco's solar incentive program, which has created green jobs, attracted new companies to San Francisco and stimulated the city's green economy.

And now, as the city's Assessor-Recorder, Phil Ting has announced his plan to green grade commercial buildings in San Francisco - as a way to make property more attractive to investors and to incentivize the creation of more sustainable buildings in the city. Read More

Instead of that glass of warm milk – take a quick look at this very important, albeit soothing video of how Ranked Choice Voting works in San Francisco. At Reset San Francisco we are all about making sure you have the information you need to make informed choices about city policies. Did you know you have three choices for San Francisco Mayor, Sheriff and District Attorney in the November 8 Election? Take a look – this video explains it all. Read More

Reset San Francisco Muni Town HallOur campaign to Reset San Francisco is holding nine Muni town halls in the next four weeks, and we hope you can join the conversation on how to make your line faster and more reliable. Please RSVP for one of our town halls today!

If the politicians and the policy makers could do it alone, Muni would already work. People need to be engaged at every level to help find the best ideas and to hold the city accountable for change. So please join neighbors and friends at one of our town halls on your Muni line.

I hope to see you soon.

Phil Ting

P.S. You can see the full list of events here.

At Reset we’ve long had an ongoing interest in the idea of “Gamification,” the growing body of thought about how to use online gaming tools to improve our brick and mortar world.

That’s why we took a look at Trash Tycoon, a green-themed game for Facebook from social gaming startup Guerillapps. The game teaches players about environmental issues and sustainability while they compete for prizes. Read More

Crowdsourcing has moved from ideas to money, allowing entrepreneurs to tap into the power of a wider audience to provide funding options for startups and businesses. The concept of crowdfunding is simple – by allowing a larger audience to help fund projects, businesses can raise the funds they need to exist, especially as options for funding startups have been limited by the economy and disappearing lines of credit. Read More

By: Murray Edelman, Ph.D.

As I’m sure you know, money gravitates towards political candidates with pro-business policies, making it difficult for champions of transparency and reform to get media exposure and compete with expensive advertising campaigns. VoteSF seeks to alter this flow of money and power with a grassroots approach to spreading information about candidates and issues. It gives a stronger voice to more informed voters by helping them bring out the vote of friends in their Facebook networks. Read More

Did you know that starting today, October 11, registered San Francisco voters can cast a ballot for the November 8, 2011 election? That’s right – early voting in San Francisco has already started! 

Early voters can cast their ballots at the Department of Elections office located on the ground floor of City Hall Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (map)

Early voting will also be available on the weekends: October 29 & 30 and November 5 & 6.

Not registered to vote but want to vote in the November 8 election? Read More

According to California Common Sense, over the last 10 years San Francisco city government spending on art museums has doubled, and the number of visitors to art museums has more than tripled.

In between 2001 and 2004, investments in museums increased substantially. That spending level has since been maintained while visits to city museums have risen dramatically. In this case, the CACS government transparency tools allow you to see that you are getting a great deal for your money. Read More

Our friends at held a comedy reunion show at the Elbo Room, and the Reset San Francisco team decided to join them and take some video. (It was a fun break
from all of the Muni town halls we're hosting across the city with mayoral candidate
Phil Ting.)

In this video, Anna Conda reads the winning Muni review. Enjoy!

By: Yoriko Kishimoto, Former Mayor of Palo Alto

RSVP for October 21 here.

What’s the top performing San Francisco transit that desperately needs your support?

That’s right, it’s Caltrain. Reset San Francisco has a great transportation fact sheet that says some 10,000 vehicles go in and out of the city from the Peninsula by 280 and 101 every work day. This can be compared to more than 11,000 daily boardings onto Caltrain within San Francisco. Can you imagine what would happen if Caltrain went under or, as it threatened to do last year, cut its service by half? Read More

Phil Ting

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