Election Day! Get Out the Vote!

Election Day! Get Out the Vote!

Please remember to vote today! Polls are open from 7am until 8pm.

You can find your polling place here. If you have any questions about the ballot or how you can vote today, please email us at info@resetsanfrancisco.org. We're standing by to field your questions.

If you haven't seen this already, please watch Reset San Francisco founder Phil Ting's TV ad. He's running for state Assembly to replace termed-out Assemblywoman Fiona Ma and he could use your support. Learn more about his campaign at www.PhilTing.com.


In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, is the Bay Area ready in the event of a disaster?By: Phil Ting

After watching the devastating coverage of Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast, the NYT piece For Years, Warnings That It Could Happen Here was perhaps the eeriest read. After years of climate scientists and city planners laying out the potential dangers, their predictions became reality: New York’s subway system flooded, electrical equipment was submerged, and some people even lost their lives. After watching the damage unfold, the Bay Area needs to ask itself: Are we ready? Read More

UPDATE: It is now too late to mail your vote-by-mail/absentee ballot for the November 2012 Election. Please return your ballots to any polling place in your county.

Election Day is just 5 days away – and if you have your absentee ballot still sitting at home, please remember to vote, sign the back, and drop it in the mail today!

If you forget, you can always return it to any polling place on Tuesday, November 6. Either way – do not miss this very important election. You can find your polling place here.

Participating in the democratic process by making your voice heard on Election Day is crucial to make sure we help elect the best leaders to represent our values and support vital policies. Please encourage your friends, family members and colleagues to vote. Read More

The report, Collateral Damage: The Spillover Costs of Foreclosures, details the effects of $2 trillion in “spillover” losses from foreclosures.By: Phil Ting

A report out today from the Center for Responsible Lending puts into stark terms what many of us have long been saying about the foreclosure crisis – communities of color are bearing the largest share of the cost.

The report, Collateral Damage: The Spillover Costs of Foreclosures, details the effects of $2 trillion in “spillover” losses from foreclosures – specifically the deteriorating value of homes surrounding foreclosed properties. Read More

The deadline to register to vote in California is midnight tonight!By: Evan Brown

Calling all procrastinators, intensely busy people, new citizens, 18-year-olds and those who just awoke from a big Friday night: The election is a mere two weeks away, and if you are a Californian who has not yet registered to vote but plan on casting a ballot, your last chance to sign up is midnight tonight!

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By: Phil Ting

As of today nearly 700,000 Californians have registered to vote online.We’ve reviewed a number of government-sponsored web reforms on Reset San Francisco. Perhaps none has been as quickly successful as Senator Leland Yee’s legislation to create online voter registration in California.

As of today, nearly 700,000 Californians have registered to vote online and some are even predicting we could reach 1 million online registrations by the deadline on Monday, October 22. Read More

By: Hayley Solarz

Oakland Schools environmentally friendly Green Gloves Program We’ve written before about one inherent contradiction about life in San Francisco – while we’re fortunate to live in a hyper-conscious “green city”, we still rank among the dirtiest cities in the nation. Clearly we need to look to new solutions for cleaning up our streets, so that we can live up to our “green city” moniker.

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By: Hayley Solarz

Education, social tolerance and economic inequality are important to the Millennial generationI count myself among the American teens and twenty-somethings positioning themselves for an increasingly competitive, more uncertain future. Employment and educational opportunities have grown scarcer and costlier in the wake of the Great Recession. And for better or worse, the conditions affecting young people today – ongoing unemployment, the skyrocketing cost of higher education, and the crippling costs of student loans – are shaping the attitudes and future prospects of Generation-Y. Read More

By: Miriam E. Marks

SF Heroes LIVE teaches earthquake preparednessWhat would you do if San Francisco had another earthquake? And which superhero would you be if you could pick one?

Yes, these questions are related. This week, get ready for SF Heroes LIVE, a city-wide disaster preparedness game from October 11th-18th. Brought to you by The Go Game and the SF Department of Emergency Management, SF Heroes LIVE is a week-long quest where you can earn points as you complete tasks and compete for prizes, all the while learning what you would do in the event of a natural disaster in San Francisco.

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By: Phil Ting

Over the past 4 years, we've seen just how important a healthy housing market is to our overall economy.

When foreclosures spiked and housing prices dropped, family assets were decimated. Communities across the state saw drops in local revenue so severe that it pushed some cities into bankruptcy and left many others on the precipice of insolvency.

The lesson we learned – housing matters. And it is particularly important, now that we are on the slow road to recovery, to remember this vital point. Read More

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