Apple offers smartphone app for Japan on its iOS5

Magnitude 5.8 Earthquake on the East Coast

On Tuesday, two large earthquakes hit the United States. A 5.8 earthquake rattled the East Coast, while San Francisco endured a 3.6 magnitude earthquake of its own. 

San Franciscans know it is only a matter of time until the San Andreas, Hayward or other fault lines bring a major earthquake to California, often referred to as the “Big One.” When major earthquakes hit, like the devastating earthquake in Japan last year, people often discuss how important seconds and minutes are before a natural disaster happens. Disaster preparedness can be key to survival, even if we’re alerted only seconds in advanced. Read More

Takeo, Japan moves city government website to FacebookHere in San Francisco, city government has a Facebook page that updates followers on programs like Adopt-a-Street, as well as public safety concerns, like potential BART protests. This page is meant as a supplement to the official website. While many cities and counties like San Francisco have Facebook pages in addition to government websites, one Japanese city is planning to switch its government web presence solely to Facebook. Read More is a place to time travel through the San Francisco that used to be.When we talk about Resetting San Francisco, we are almost always talking about our city government – so our streets are clean, our schools are funded, our economy is helped rather than hindered, and our Municipal Railway (finally) works.

But as we work to Reset City Hall, so it works better in the future, we are inspired by those who pause to remember a San Francisco that is no more. So many have written eloquently about cities and a sense of place. This new website is a place to time travel through the San Francisco that used to be. Read More

Phil Ting at the Reset San Francisco Hot Button panel discussion at the County Fair Building in Golden Gate ParkThank you to everyone who came to our Muni town hall last night and a very special thank you to our panelists Tim Papandreou, Joél Ramos, and author Greg Dewar.

Nearly 300 San Franciscans joined us last night. Many took Muni (probably the N-Judah) and some even rode their bikes to our Hot Button panel discussion at the County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park.

Members of the community sat in groups according to the Muni line they ride most frequently. They got the chance to talk to each other about their best and worst stories about the Municipal Railway, and then – together – they came up with a list of questions and ideas to make their specific lines more efficient and more reliable. Read More


By: Sia A.

As a cab driver in Southern California (an occupation not by choice but as a means of surviving and weathering our ongoing economic recession), it has been quite revealing to see what my fellow drivers have been doing around the world in regards to asserting our rights and voices.

This goes especially with the events surrounding the recent strikes in Greece and San Francisco. Ladies and gentlemen, this really is no ordinary job. For the most part, cab drivers are very solitary and highly competitive individuals, which means it is almost impossible to get two drivers to agree to one act in an entire fleet – let alone a legion of drivers from various fleets and companies. A joke among drivers down here is: “You are better off organizing a float parade with cats than getting cabbies to do anything together.” And yet, the impossible has happened. Read More

If you’ve braved the 38 Geary, N Judah, J Church 1-California, 30 Sutter Stockton or any one Muni’s troubled bus and streetcar lines you deserve a token of appreciation. Come join us at our Reset San Francisco Muni Town Hall – the first of our Reset San Francisco Hot Button series.We’re getting ready for our Muni Town Hall at 6:30pm Tuesday night at the County Fair Building and we want to make sure we have enough beer, wine, food, soda and sweetened, non-caloric beverages for everyone. 

We know Resetting San Francisco, particularly Resetting Muni, is thirsty work. And since drinks are on us tomorrow as a token of our appreciation for all your work – please don’t forget to RSVP today. That way we know how much to get as we head out for provisions tonight.

Again – that’s our Muni Town Hall with noted transportation experts 6:30pm tomorrow (Tuesday) night at the County Fair Building at 9th and Lincoln. (You know the one - that 1950’s looking building right next to the Arboretum).

We’ll see you there! RSVP Today

Join us on August 23 - RSVP Today

It seems like no matter what Muni line you take – whether it’s the 38 Geary, the N Judah, or the 1-California, there always seems to be another Muni meltdown around the corner.

If Muni can’t do its job, the sad fact is that we can’t do ours either. Whether it’s Next Bus or 511 telling you your bus is late or your Clipper Card isn’t working (again), San Francisco has waited long enough for Muni reform. Read More

SF MuniAs we prepare for our Muni Town Hall Tuesday night, the Reset crew was re-reading the in-depth diagnosis of what ails our Municipal Railway that the SF Weekly first published last year.

They called it the “Muni Death Spiral" and the facts in here sure are enough to make your head spin. Read More

Innovative Partnership Means Pet 2.0 Policy for San Francisco

Reset San Francisco's Pup of the DayAnimals living in San Francisco shelters may have found their way out.

San Francisco Animal Care & Control begins a partnership Pet Food Express Saturday to open a permanent adoption separate from its own shelter, SFACC spokeswoman Deb Campbell said.

SFACC and Pet Food Express will kick off their partnership with a yarn cutting by adoptable kittens at noon at the 1975 Market St. pet store. The event will allow potential owners to come and begin adopting pets at a reduced rate. Read More

Reset San Francisco How To'sThough imperfect,,, and other city and county websites go a long way to make information available online for residents, businesses and visitors. One of the chief problems with this information, however, is all too often it is buried in veritable rabbit holes of links and pop-outs – not necessarily a one-stop-shop effort.

Open Government is about making our government more accessible, which means making the information on the city, government services, and public programs clearly the available. Frequently, the lack of communication between city agencies, or the lack of funding to update websites or other information dissemination mechanisms explain too many of the hurdles people have to undergo to complete simple tasks.

The Reset How-To’s project is an attempt to track down, aggregate and present that information to simplify navigating and getting to know our city. Do you have a question that you'd like us to answer? Email us at and Read More

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