San Francisco departments spend billions on noncompetitive contracts

Each year San Francisco city departments purchase hundreds of millions of dollars worth of goods and services. While many of these contracts are the results of competitive bidding at least $1.7 billion in spending has come through sole source contracts in the past three years.

Given data showing that competitively bidding contracts usually lowers costs and always increases transparency, the high total of sole source contracts bears a deeper look.

In the past three years, San Francisco has awarded over 1,500 sole source and no-bid contracts totaling over $1.7 billion. Read More

Solar Panels on House

By: Phil Ting

Do you want to know one of the most powerful tools we have to balance the city’s budget in the years ahead without drastic cuts or painful tax increases?

Then look no further than the “Green Grade” of your own home. San Francisco is showing that one of the most effective ways to increase a home’s value is to lower the carbon footprint of that home. And when our housing prices stay strong – our city economy and our city budget stay healthy. Read More

You’re joining other San Franciscans and their dogs at Stern Grove one Sunday for some live jazz and wine. As you shuffle through the crowd you realize that a completely usable part of the Grove is consumed by a series of fallen Eucalyptus branches. What do you do? has created an online reporting process for you to report fallen branches, trees, etc both in parks, the city…and parklets. Read More

Greece’s cab strike has affected thousand of tourists

By: Victoria Holliday

With San Francisco’s cabmageddon cab strike looming, we have been following the cab strike in Greece closely.

Greece is currently in the midst of a 2-week national cab strike. Last week, 2,000 Greek cab drivers took over the roads and blocked access to ports, archaeological sites and Athens airport. An estimated 15,000 tourists were caught in the mess, and many missed flights because they were unable to get to the airport. Like San Francisco, the Greek cab strike is fueled by cab drivers’ frustrations with new government regulations that would affect cab drivers’ bottom line. Read more

By: Victoria Holliday

The SFMTA is proposing to add more cabs to San Francisco’s streets by adding 125 taxi permits, which would increase the city’s fleet of cabs by 8%. Maybe you won’t need those cab apps after all!

San Francisco cab drivers don’t want more taxis on the street… But do you?

While the news of extra cabs sounds great to anyone who has ever tried to get a cab in San Francisco on a Friday night or, god forbid, in the rain – it isn’t sitting so well with San Francisco cab drivers. Read More

Joe Eskenazi’s piece in this week’s SFWeekly was quality journalism. His depiction of San Francisco’s Kafkaesque maze of city commissions, committees, task forces and working groups struck fear into the heart of any citizen who cares about effective government. And it reminded us of how far we have to go to make City Hall smart and accountable. Read More

At Reset, one of our highest community priorities is Universal Internet Access. We can’t fully implement a faster and more effective Gov 2.0 until every San Franciscan has the online tools to access e-government. In a world in which many job applications, homework assignments and college applications can only be completed online – Universal Access is an economic necessity and an emerging Civil Right.

That’s why we’re so supportive of our Assembly Speaker’s new effort to push Universal Access from a state level. Our founder, Phil Ting, has a fondness for the Speaker because they were Cal Berkeley classmates. But beyond Cal pride – this new initiative from Speaker Perez is something we should all support. Read More

Today, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that Supervisors Jane Kim and Eric Mar are withdrawing their support of the proposed measure that would dismantle Care Not Cash, a successful program that helps the city’s homeless transition off the street. Without their support, the measure does not have the four supervisor backers that it needs to make the ballot in November.

The facts show that Care Not Cash is working. And at Reset San Francisco, we’re happy that the Board of Supervisors came to their senses and listened to the community. In June, five Supervisors placed the measure on the ballot without public hearing or debate. 

Read More


By: Jade Durkee

So the BIG ONE, that fabled earthquake that will rip California from the rest of the country and set it adrift, is supposed to happen any time now. Actually, Earth is toast by 2012, according to some dubious Mayan calculations and director Roland Emmerich. Well, that's craptastic.

What would you do? Survival on a primitive level may not be an instinctive thing for us San Franciscans. So, maybe it's better to put the question a different way: What would you do if you emerged from the MUNI tunnel and encountered a horde of shambling, blood sucking, hipster zombies? No, not the sort that want to pick your brains about the underground Stereolab albums from 1999...these guys actually want to EAT your brains. What do you do? Read More

Hailing a cab in San Francisco  is near impossible

While LA may have survived Carmageddon, San Francisco’s impending Cabmageddon, is set to make getting a cab even harder, as cab drivers are planning a 24-hour strike on August 2. This is the second cab strike to hit San Francisco in the past few months.

San Franciscans know - getting a cab in San Francisco is a daunting feat. You stand in the cold in front of your favorite dive bar waiting and waiting, and freezing as you wish for a cab to magically appear.

A Controller’s Report from 2006 found that 33% of San Franciscans looking for a cab on a weekend night had to wait more than 30 minutes. Part of the problem lies  in the fact that San Francisco does not have a sufficient citywide taxi dispatch system. Without a unified system, several smartphone apps have emerged promising to make getting a cab in San Francisco easier. Read More

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