California Cable Car line is back in operation

Last week, we brought you breaking news of MUNI off the rails. But this morning, there is good news.

After a six-month rehabilitation, the California Cable Car line is back in the slot and climbing half way to the stars.

So far, no complaints, on the cable car line at least, about the early switchback. Read More

This Week's MUNI Musician

This Week's MUNI Musician

Check out this week's MUNI musician. Who's your favorite MUNI musician? Tell us at!

The Reset team recently found this great article in the Washington Post. We know it's from 2007, but it raises a question we ask ourselves today: What if the artist in the subway station was actually a world-famous musician? Would people take notice?

Joshua Bell is one of the world's greatest violinists and his instrument of choice is a multimillion-dollar Stradivarius. In this video, he appears to play for spare change, incognito, outside a bustling Metro stop in Washington. Three days before, he filled the house at Boston's Symphony Hall for nearly $100 a seat.

True talent deserves to be recognized, so that's why here at Reset San Francisco, we're happy to showcase our favorite MUNI musicians in the city. Take a look at our past videos and stay tuned for more featured musicians.


Moving to a new apartment in another San Francisco neighborhood? Wondering why your apartment is so cheap despite the wood floors and new, attractive Kohler faucets?

CrimeMAPs, generated by The Omega Group, in collaboration with the San Francisco Police Department, is based on official police reports and provides, mostly, current information on, some, crimes in localities. Read More

Photo of the Week: Time for MUNI To Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Photo of the Week: Time for MUNI To Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

This snap is the perfect representation of the kind of month that MUNI has had. The operators reject contract concessions. Two of the top brass bail out.  The parking ticket revolt continues. Taxi drivers, overseen by the same SFMTA that runs MUNI, stage a brief but noisy strike.

All in all – it's a system that feels like this driver must feel – out of control.


MUNI Bus Crashes into Sidewalk

By: Patrick Stelmach

What do you get when you bring together technology experts, government leaders, policy wonks and concerned citizens, who all want to make San Francisco work better?  A boatload of creative, innovative ideas to transform San Francisco into a true Government 2.0 city.

Hosted by Gov 2.0 thought leader, Adriel Hampton, CityCampSF was an "unconference" held at SF Department of Technology this past Saturday to brainstorm and initiate solutions to solve San Francisco's biggest issues. Rather than passively listening to keynote speakers and spiffy presentations like traditional conferences, this unconference was all participant-driven. CityCampers hastily threw out dozens of ideas for apps, policies and projects: establishing legislative priorities for Gov 2.0, releasing real-time data on pollution, creating a wiki of politicians’ platforms, and combining city data and crowdsourcing opportunities in a map, like a real-life SimCity, to name just a few.

Read More

That parking ticket you received while popping into the post office for just a second can now be paid online in less time than it took you to go into that post office.

Overview: Implementing Gov 2.0, San Francisco makes it easier to pay for parking tickets. Read More

Bernal Heights launches Shop Local Program to Support Local Small Business

From Washington D.C. to Sacramento, governments at all levels are searching for new and innovative ways to boost the federal, state and local economies.

One program that just may help accomplish this difficult task is being tested right here in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood.

It’s called “Bernal Bucks” and – as its slogan of “the buck shops here” suggests – it’s designed to keep Bernal Heights’ dollars within the Bernal Heights neighborhood. The “Bucks” themselves are loaded onto a Visa debit card that is issued through the Mission SF Federal Credit Union. The card can be used at participating businesses within Bernal Heights. Read More

By: Phil Ting

The recent move by five supervisors to essentially gut the city’s successful Care Not Cash program is a giant step in the wrong direction and in my view San Franciscans should not support it.

I personally voted “No” on Care Not Cash in 2002. At the time I agreed with the 40% of San Franciscans who opposed the measure that we were conducting a dangerous experiment. When we voted back then there was simply no proof that the program would work. I was particularly concerned that the cash stipends being taken away from the homeless would not go toward programs to help end homelessness, like permanent housing, job training, drug treatment and mental health counseling.

Care Not Cash is working to help the homeless transition off the street.

In the nearly 8 years since the program was first fully implemented, the data has become crystal clear – Care Not Cash is working to help the homeless transition off the street.

Read More and Sign the Petition to Protect Care Not Cash

SFGov has an online government 2.0 service to license your dog.

Fido, Web 2.0 ... Web 2.0, Fido

In San Francisco, it is illegal to own a dog without licensing your pet (and apparently one should do so for other reasons, legality aside). To attempt to make it easier on you, the owner, has created an online process so you don’t have to traipse to a vet or a city office to take care of this. Read More


Parking Ticket Story

The winning stories get their parking tickets paid!

By: San Francisco Small Business Owners for Fairness

Have you ever parked at a meter in front of your favorite local shop, only to realize you don't have any change?  You run into the nearest corner store to get change, run back to your car and find a $65.00 parking ticket slapped on your windshield.

It happens all the time. Every car in San Francisco gets an average of four tickets a year. If I didn’t know better, I'd swear that the MTA had some kind of satellite technology that knows when your meter is just about to run out. And if you feel like the situation is getting worse, you’re right. Read More


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