San Francisco food trucks

Working to Reset San Francisco is pretty hungry work, so we follow Food Truck comings and goings very closely. 

That’s why we went en masse to the Food Truck Rodeo the other night. Our reviews are below this preamble…

The Brief Preamble on Grub 2.0 - Web 2.0 Meets Gov 2.0

Beyond the hunger for change and beyond creating actual hunger for the City’s best fish tacos – there are other reasons we’ve become so interested in this movement.

First – it is a model of how Web 2.0 technology is enabling real world changes. These mobile entrepreneurs can succeed on the ground because we can follow them so easily in the virtual ether – on Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare and numerous other Web 2.0 tools. That’s a model for how Web 2.0 might make a better government. The same technology that allows us to find our favorite bao in a flash can be used by the City to find and fix a pothole before it breaks an axel on a Muni bus or swallows another bicycle. Read More

By: Jessica Marquez, NeighborGoods

Saving money and meeting your neighbors never looked as cool as it does with NeighborGoods. The social sharing site helps connect people with their neighbors and the stuff they need. Need a ladder? Borrow it from your neighbor. Have a bike collecting dust in your closet? Lend it out and make a new friend. By sharing with your neighbors, you can save money, while reducing waste and strengthening your local community in the process. Read More

Microsoft has partnered with San Francisco on a technology grant, bringing compu

In an era where – we believe – personal access to computers and the Internet is akin to a civil right, San Francisco has partnered with Microsoft in an effort to close the “digital divide” that threatens to leave so many San Franciscans behind.

Announced today by Mayor Ed Lee, Microsoft is providing a technology grant that will bring $500,000 in software and $15,000 towards computers to San Francisco. The new technology will be available to those “historically underrepresented, low-income and first generation SFUSD high school graduates” taking part in San Francisco’s Bridge to Success Summer Program, a first time program. Read more

Earned Income Tax Credit Stimulus

Imagine if there were a federal program with millions of dollars set-aside just for California’s working families, where each family could fill out one form and get up to $5,666 to help pay the bills. Imagine the real benefit this would have for California’s working families who are struggling to get by in this economy. Imagine the impact on California’s already overburdened social programs, if families could be less reliant on state programs. And imagine the stimulative impact on our local economies here in California if working families had $5,666 extra to spend every year.

Good news! This program exists and is called the Earned Income Tax Credit. Read More

San Francisco potholes

It seems that our smartphones are getting smarter every day. And according to an article in last Monday’s New York Times, that could be good news for San Franciscans hoping for better and more reliable public services from the city.

The Times reported on a program being pioneered in Boston that is using data obtained from cell phone users driving on city roads to detect and report when a car hits a pothole. The program, called Street Bump, relies on applications like GPS that are already implanted in many smartphones – meaning that the city is not spending millions of dollars to install sensors on the roads or using other expensive methods to detect problems. Read More

Thank you!

Phil Ting Solutions in the Sunset

Thank you!

A big thank you to everyone who came to our Solutions in the Sunset event at Dianne Feinstein Elementary School!

Our conversation focused on solutions - big and small - that could make our city government work better for everyone, and we heard a number of really great ideas.

Stay tuned for further details and follow-up as our team begins to compile all of our notes from today's event! If you have any questions, or want to learn how to get involved, contact our team at

Reset San Francisco - Solutions in the Sunset

Join us for Solutions in the Sunset today with Phil Ting and the Reset San Francisco community. We're bringing the community together to discuss real solutions for making our city work better. What are your ideas? Come ready to share and ready to engage - and most importantly, come hungry! We'll provide breakfast, too.

Where: Dianne Feinstein Elementary School
2550 25th Avenue
San Francisco, CA (map)

When: Today! Saturday, June 11, 11am - 1pm

Plan on using public transportation? Click here to find the best route for you.

Click here for more details.

Today, San Francisco will bid farewell to Lt. Vincent Perez and firefighter-para

Today, we join our fellow San Franciscans in paying a somber tribute to Lt. Vincent Perez and firefighter-paramedic Anthony “Tony” Valerio – the two San Francisco firefighters killed in the line of duty during a fire in Diamond Heights on June 2. Read more

Government 2.Faux

Folks – we heard this morning that, under the advice of City Attorney Dennis Herrera, our two guests would not take an hour off to come describe how San Francisco is working to implement Government 2.0.

So we have rescheduled our Ask an Expert event until 5:00pm this evening with two new guests, Peter Hirschberg and Jake Levitas. Please tune in at 5:00pm to hear how Gov. 2.0 can help make City Hall faster and more effective.

Dennis Herrera and Government 2.Faux

It is sad that the City Attorney advised two city workers that they could not take an hour off to explain to us their work in open government and Gov. 2.0.

Asking them to engage with our audience does not imply an endorsement of Reset’s goals or Phil Ting’s campaign. We don’t know which candidate they support for mayor or any other office and we hope they engage with every campaign to explain their work.

That’s true Gov 2.0 – absolute openness. Read More

Phil Ting

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Together we can Reset San Francisco.

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