Waiting: An independent arbitrator will now broker a contract between Muni and i

Last night – with an overwhelming margin of 994 to 488 – Muni’s two thousand operators shot down a contract that was supported by both management and Transport Workers Union leaders that would have saved some $46 million and increased efficiency for Muni. Muni operators have now balked at money-saving measures three times in just the last eighteen months. Read more

Cameras installed in San Francisco Muni's 800 busses helped cut accidents by 50

Just when we were about to praise the Municipal Railway – the wires bring news of Muni returning to form.

First – the praise. The Examiner reports that cameras installed in the troubled fleet’s 800 busses helped cut accidents by 50 percent. The cameras act like black boxes – recording what happens if the bus is jarred by quick accelerations or decelerations (which describe many Muni rides and almost all crashes). Apparently, the knowledge that Muni brass would know what happened in an accident promoted better driving. Read More

Gov 2.0 tools can improve earthquake preparedness

Japan’s devastating March earthquake was an eerie experience for many San Franciscans. In the wake of that tragedy, we couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened had a quake of that magnitude struck our own fault-riddled region. We have come a long way in terms of bringing buildings up to code, and that work is ongoing, as many Cal fans know. But it’s been 22 years since the last major quake rocked our city. If disaster struck tomorrow, do you know what you’d do? Read more

Cal-Adapt is California’s latest foray into Gov 2.0 using online tools and concr

The latest adventure into Gov. 2.0 comes to us today from the California Energy Commission and The Natural Resources Agency in the form of Cal-Adapt, a new online tool for local governments aimed at helping them address climate change. Read more

At Reset we are all about innovation. That starts with the breakthrough technologies of Government 2.0 that can help make San Francisco an even better place to live and work. But here in San Francisco, we are more than leaders of the digital economy. The innovators at Off the Grid are leading the way in a delicious economy that is creating jobs, lowering the barriers to entry for small business and just making San Francisco an even cooler place to live.

Off the Grid represents the kind of “Start up Spirit” that will help guide San Francisco back to prosperity. As San Francisco embraces the technologies of Web 2.0, and city government struggles to improve itself with Government 2.0 tools, it just make sense that the effort should be fueled by the wonderful new cuisine of Grub 2.0. Here’s a quick look at our visit last week to Off the Grid. Read More

Could government harness social media data streams to predict the future? That l

What if San Francisco city government could spot a problem before it was a big problem? Without doubt, that would make the city government smarter, faster and maybe even less expensive.

But there hasn’t been a government crystal ball that could spot problems in advance.

Until now. Read more

Utah recently launched its new interactive state government website, Utah.gov. T

Utah recently launched its new interactive state government website, Utah.gov. The site has received praise and many awards for being cutting edge and web 2.0 friendly. The site reportedly gets 1.2 unique visitors a month and over 25 million transactions were processed electronically last year. Read more

Perfect for a Rainy Day - This Crew Is Going to Let it Shine.

Perfect for a Rainy Day - This Crew Is Going to Let it Shine.

Check out the latest video of our MUNI Musician series. Whether you're waiting for the 38 Geary or the N Judah - there always seems to be some talented San Franciscans singing their hearts out.

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180,000 SFPUC customers may have had their data exposed due to a security breach

CNET has broken the news of a potentially major online security breach at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission – the City of San Francisco’s water and power agency.

According to the breaking report the SFPUC recently became aware that a file holding names, account numbers and other personal information including phone numbers and addresses of customers was on a server that had been opened. Read more

One of the best things about Grub 2.0 is that you can bring your dog.

Check out more great pictures from Reset team member, Sarah Grunder, at Off the Grid - and stay tuned for more reviews and pictures of our favorite food trucks in the City.

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