Lights on Market

The folks at Public Architecture have prepared a very cool video on how a series of public art projects called Lights on Market Street are helping to revitalize our sometimes blighted main civic artery. 

Market Street is already undergoing a transformation that will pay significant economic and cultural dividends. With increases in bike traffic and foot traffic and a significant number of people returning to the once nearly abandoned blocks of MidMarket to work, property values will rise, sales taxes will increase and crime will fall. Read More

We liked this video because we always feel like we hit the mother lode whenever this talented group is playing. While you enjoy your time away from commuting - please enjoy this slice of the MUNI life.

Off the Grid - SF Food Truck Rodeo Review
Are you a fan of food trucks in San Francisco?
Join us as we go “Off the Grid” on June 2.

Last week, we wrote about food truck rodeos in San Francisco, and we’re not shy about our love for food and for the passionate San Franciscans who dedicate their lives to serving up some of the most delicious dishes in the city. 

And Thursday, June 2, the Reset San Francisco team is holding the first Food Truck Rodeo Review at the Off the Grid food truck rodeos.

That’s right – our team will be eating all day, from UN Plaza to Upper Haight, reviewing as many of the revered gourmet food trucks in the city as we can find. Read More

SFFire App is a new Gov 2.0 initiative to improve cardiac arrest survival rates.

Did you know that the survival rate of cardiac arrests was only 10% in San Francisco in 2010? That’s why Government 2.0 thought leaders, like Adriel Hampton, united last week at Third Thursday – a monthly meet up for folks interested in technology for a more transparent, collaborative and efficient government, coined as Government 2.0 – to discuss a new Smartphone app called SFFire App.

SFFire App is a new Smartphone app initiative hoping to save lives by improving cardiac arrest survival rates. Read More

A moment of peace before the city gets rolling.

This week we’ve been covering the new data on just how lethal San Francisco streets can be. We’ve also been covering how a small investment in bike lanes is a powerful economic stimulus. And this week at Reset, we’ve been up early every morning to bring you stories on Gov 2.0, MUNI meltdowns, new steps forward on Clipper Cards and much, much more.

So this snap from our favorite Reset Intern Bernadette Samson was a no brainer for Reset Photo of the Week.

Bernadette Samson SF Photopho


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Better Late Than Never: Clipper Cards Now Work with BART Ticket Machines

You can now refill your Clipper Card at any of BART’s 302 ticket machines throughout the Bay Area. And while we are all thrilled to have more locations to refill our Clipper Cards, it does make us wonder, what took so long? Read more

New Gov 2.0 tool shows where preventable pedestrian deaths are concentrated. How

“When you get tired of walking around San Francisco, you can always lean against it.”

The quote is anonymous, but the sentiment is a familiar one for most San Franciscans. The resonance comes both from the hills, which often feel as if they’re leaning into you, and from the sense of community we have here. We pride ourselves on living in the world’s most beautiful, walkable city – and on having a citizenry that genuinely looks out for one another. Read more

Poll results Taxi Fare Increase

Under intense pressure from drivers who had seen their pay steadily deteriorate since the last taxi fare hike in 2003, the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency just voted to raise taxi fares and suggested they will raise fares again in the near future.

The charge per mile went up 50 cents and the charge for one minute of waiting in traffic went up 10 cents. San Francisco taxi service, considered by many to be the worst in the nation, is now close to the most expensive. The MTA also said they would likely raise the “flag drop” rate by 40 cents sometime in June, at which time our ragged San Francisco taxi fleet will be the most expensive.

All of these rate hikes are designed to fairly compensate drivers, who have seen their fuel and rental charges skyrocket without any increase in fares. But our latest Reset San Francisco Poll is raising the question – will the new San Francisco taxi rate hikes backfire? Read More

City Poll Shows Strengths and Weaknesses of Streets Repaving Bond

It’s Poll Week at Reset San Francisco
as we look at some of the interesting results of our latest Reset Survey. But we want to pause for a second to share another survey – one taken by the City of San Francisco itself.

One of our Reset Revealed correspondents sent in a poll paid for by the San Francisco MTA that was designed to test the strengths and weaknesses of the City’s Streets Repaving Bond that was just placed on the November ballot by the Board of Supervisors.

While the very idea of the City spending significant sums to take a poll about an election issue is controversial, the results themselves are interesting. Bottom line, the measure itself is popular with voters fed up about potholes and deteriorating streets – but is just at the threshold of the two-thirds level needed to pass a bond. Read More

Submitting government forms online is a Gov 2.0 way to make local governments mo

Government bureaucracy is synonymous with long lines at the DMV and a quagmire of red tape and paperwork. Completing and processing government paperwork by hand takes an insufferable amount of time and results in huge inefficiency. Just getting a new stoplight installed on your San Francisco street corner can take almost three years and cost $187,500, in part because of the extensive bureaucratic process. Read more

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