Muni wait lines
That's because you have.

MUNI’s on-time rate fell to 71.1% during the second quarter (October through December) of the current fiscal year. This marks the lowest on-time rate in the past five reporting periods and is a .9% drop from the previous quarter. In 1999, voters approved a mandate for MUNI to maintain a minimum on-time rate of 85%  – which has never been achieved.

In the same quarter, MUNI also reported a 1% increase in the unexplained absence rate of its transit operators. The agency recorded a 13.7% unexplained absence rate, well above its goal of 10.5%. Read More

SFPD’s DNA Analyzer

San Francisco’s besieged crime lab is back in the news once again.

And while the scandal involving Deborah Madden, stolen cocaine and nearly 700 dropped cases may be behind us, new – and potentially just as serious – concerns regarding the lab are being raised. 

From the lab’s gross understaffing to the fact we’re paying $150,000 a month to outsource evidence (because of insufficient staff) to the seven-year-old, $140,000 DNA analyzer collecting dust in the lab, it’s clear that one of the primary tools for keeping San Franciscans safe is – as the SF Examiner stated – “losing ground." Read more

Participatory Budgeting Project in Chicago

By: Phil Ting

Would the government work better if you had more say?

At Reset San Francisco – we think the answer to that question is absolutely yes, which is why we were so excited when the folks behind the movement for Participatory Budgeting paid a visit to City Hall last week.

Don’t let the boring name fool you – this is really powerful stuff. At its core, Participatory Budgeting is about educating and engaging everyday residents to make important decisions about government priorities.

The movement is winning headlines for experiments in China, where a provincial town educated and empanelled a representative sample of residents to make important budget decisions. It has been tried in Chicago’s 49th Ward - led by Alderman Joe Moore - to make decisions about how to spend more than $1 million in discretionary infrastructure funds. We think it is time to try it here in San Francisco.

Watch the compelling video and read more here.

Dolores Park in San Francisco

The forecast for Dolores Park this weekend calls for more sunshine and yes, more tacos – marking a historic turning point in the lengthy public spat over whether or not to allow outside food vendors in one of San Francisco’s most beautiful and popular public spaces. While the sunshine is a regular and welcome guest this time of year, the first food cart to operate inside the park itself was met with some hostility last weekend, but also some hungry and very happy customers. If done correctly, allowing food vendors in our parks could prove to be a win-win for park-goers and tax-payers alike. Read More

New York Times Happiness Index

Since one of the fundamental principles of Government 2.0 is responding to data and facts, Reset San Francisco is always tracking how governments are gathering and using information.

Here’s what could be a breakthrough practice – Sommerville, Massachusetts is now tracking a “happiness” index on its yearly census to voters. The idea is that government should be taking steps to make residents happier, and the best way to figure out what’s working best is to ask the question directly. Read More

Drinks at 111 Minna on Wednesday
Do you have time for a celebration this Wednesday evening?

We’ve been working so hard to Reset San Francisco and we shouldn’t forget to celebrate our success. Thanks to our incredible supporters, interns and volunteers, we’re already engaging thousands of San Franciscans both online and offline to discuss real ideas and real solutions for making our city government work better.

So we’re going to take a quick pause to celebrate this Wednesday night at 111 Minna from 6:30 - 8:30pm. RSVP now & Read More

San Francisco Parking Infographic

It's not a coincidence that parking in the city is always a hot topic on Reset San Francisco. Whether it's our unfair ticket plan petition or our latest post on the SFPark app, parking issues have no problem finding a spot in our daily conversations. Which is why, when we read this 7x7 article, we were inspired to create a parking infographic for San Francisco’s curious, hill-scaling drivers. Read More

Close tax loopholes for online retailers like for California

A new report out today shows closing the tax loophole would mean up to $1 billion in new state revenue, while helping to level the playing field for California’s small businesses. Read more

San Francisco traffic

A very intriguing piece of legislation was passed out of committee in Sacramento today that could one day lead to San Francisco traffic generating more than road rage.  The bill, which was passed by the Assembly Natural Resources Committee by a vote of 6-1, would use new technology to turn vibrations caused by cars on our roadways into electricity.

While the Reset community believes we should do everything we can to get cars off our streets, we also like the idea that those cars clogging our highways could one day help power our homes. Using this new green technology a single lane of highway stretching less than a mile could generate upwards of 44 megawatts of electricity per year – enough electricity to power 30,000 homes for an entire year.  Read More

Reset Revealed: San Francisco City Employees Speak Out!

Reset San Francisco was recently forwarded a document containing suggestions from the city’s ImproveSF program, where city employees discuss online how they would balance the city’s budget. And these suggestions prove San Francisco city employees are ready to roll up their sleeves and get some work done! Now let’s see if the elected officials are willing to take some of this pretty explosive advice.

This idea of soliciting feedback from the people who actually work for the city is one of Mayor Ed Lee’s best. Rather than sit back while the same old San Francisco power players dominate the debate, here are ideas to improve our city from the people who know the best (and worst) of city government.

Who better than San Francisco city employees to spark this debate?
Read More

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