Jerry Brown discusses the California budget deficit

Interesting new data on budget choices from the LA Times/USC poll of California voters. When presented choices for balancing the state budget deficit – voters expressed a strong preference for an approach that included both tax increases and budget cuts, while strongly rejecting the choices of either all cuts or all tax increases to bring the state’s deficit into balance.

Of the 1,400 registered voters polled, just 9 percent wanted to balance the budget with all tax increases, 33 percent with all cuts and an outright majority of 53% wanted a balanced combination of the two. While this is a statewide poll, we suspect voters here in San Francisco would take a similar approach that calls for balance. Read More

San Francisco Community Gardens

By: Alyssa Sittig

Wait one second. Before you take another bite into that delicious apple, can you tell us where it came from? If you’re drawing a blank, perhaps it’s time to plan a trip to your local community garden.

Finding an urban garden in your San Francisco neighborhood is even easier than you think.

Thanks to San Francisco Recreation and Parks – you can search the website for citywide locations of community gardens via GPS mapping. You can also learn how to become a community garden member and start one of your own. This new tool is a great example of the marriage of Web 2.0 technology with Gov 2.0 community involvement that is at the core of the Reset San Francisco community.

And City Hall recently passed a bill that will make locally grown foods more accessible and easy to cultivate in San Francisco. Read More

GoSolarSF Petition

By: Phil Ting

New data released over the weekend shows one more reason to install rooftop solar panels – and yet another reason to support San Francisco’s pioneering GoSolarSF local solar incentive.

A study released by three top researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab showed that homes with rooftop solar panels sell for a substantial premium over homes without the capacity to generate all or some of their own electric power. Read More

Volunteer for Reset San Francisco - Reset SFVolunteer in San Francisco on a dynamic new kind of political campaign.

This year the race for San Francisco Mayor will be one of the most hotly contested San Francisco political campaigns in a generation. Don’t miss this chance to make a difference on a political campaign that is harnessing the power of Web 2.0 and Gov 2.0 to give voters a greater voice in our local government.

Would you like to join the campaign team as a San Francisco campaign volunteer? There are a number of ways you can become a key part of Reset San Francisco and Phil Ting's campaign for Mayor. Whatever your talent or interest in local politics or government, we probably have a spot where you could make a difference. Read More

SFPark - Looking for parking in San Francisco?
Looking for parking in the city? There’s an iPhone app for that!

The world is watching today as the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency announces an iPhone app to help you find parking in the city.

It’s called SFPark – and it supposedly “helps you park smarter in San Francisco” so you’re circling less and parking more. The app gives you real-time availability and prices for parking on the streets and garages in SOMA, Marina District, Embarcadero, Financial District, Fisherman's Wharf, Mission District and Hayes Valley.
Read More

Reset San Francisco - Flipboard Channel At Reset San Francisco, we’re working to provide the kind of raw material that goes into making a better government and a better-informed kind of political campaign.  We’re starting with facts, graphs, videos stories and other fun content that show what San Francisco City Hall is doing right, what it could do better, and what kind of user generated government is working out there in the rest of the world.

Now we have a new way to stay up-to-date on all this Gov 2.0 content – our very own
Reset San Francisco Flipboard Channel! Learn how to download the Reset San Francisco Flipboard Channel.

San Francisco Value Added

At Reset we spend a lot of time discussing what the City of San Francisco can do better. But we also want to use this community to highlight what the city is already doing well. Our hope, as always, is to encourage a process of Gov 2.0 reform by shining a light on both successes and failures.

That’s why we’re creating a new feature – San Francisco Value Added, which will highlight how you can find and use valuable content and services already generated by the city.

Most of us agree that one of the best city agencies is our San Francisco public library. So it comes as no surprise that we highlight a tremendous, but not widely known, service offered by the San Francisco Library – ebooks available for download online. Read More

BART - Blue Sky

BART is now advertising its “Blue Sky” contest idea.

This is the kind of Gov 2.0 crowdsourcing that Reset San Francisco is all about. So time to get off those dirty seats and have a say. The winner even gets $500 dollars in free BART tickets. Free BART rides and you don’t even have to veer into that unfortunate Clipper Card scam.

BART wants to hear from you. Read More


Why San Francisco Needs an Urban Search and Rescue Task Force

By: Phil Ting

As we are reminded by the devastating news and images coming out of Japan over the last month, preparedness is the best way to minimize injuries and casualties in the event of a disaster.

The world continues to watch as the toll – human, environmental and economic –  continues to grow. To make matters worse, we have read about how first responders in Japan had trouble accessing areas that were hardest hit by the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami in the hours and days immediately following the disaster.

I speak for all San Franciscans when I say that we have been deeply moved by the tragedy in Japan. And I hope that we all do our part to help Japan recover by donating to the many reputable organizations that are spearheading the relief efforts.

One glaring example of San Francisco’s lack of preparedness is the fact that San Francisco does not have its own Urban Search and Rescue Task Force. Read More

The SF Weekly officially declared us today "Not Hot." But you know what, we think we're pretty cool. That’s why we’re launching our official Reset Cocktail Contest – with the winner to be unveiled at our upcoming (and oh so cool) 111 FOR 2011 Event at 111 Minna. Only two ground rules: (1) has to have ice and (2) no, we will not add "Ice Ice Baby" to the Reset Playlist. The SF Weekly officially declared us today "Not Hot." But you know what, we think we're pretty cool. That’s why we’re launching our official Reset Cocktail Contest – with the winner to be unveiled at our upcoming (and oh so cool) 111 FOR 2011 Event at 111 Minna. Only two ground rules: (1) has to have ice and (2) no, we will not add "Ice Ice Baby" to the Reset Playlist.

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