By: Dwight Smith

Help design the San Francisco Public Library's new library cards!The San Francisco Public Library certainly has earned its status as one of our most beloved public institutions. Now the San Francisco Public Library is jumping into the web 2.0 movement with a new crowdsourcing campaign to design their new library card.

September is National Library Card Month and in that vein, San Francisco Public Library wants YOU to design the new library cards for 2013. Read More


By: Phil Ting

As we watch the news from the party conventions, we are hearing a new refrain – “We built that.”

As political rhetoric goes, it is hardly, “Where’s the Beef?” or even, “Bridge to the 21st Century.” What it lacks in rhetorical punch, it more than makes up for in policy weight.

Phil Ting for a Stronger San Francisco EconomyBecause it does make perfect sense for us to ask: “What can government do to rebuild our economy and put Californians back to work?”

A few weeks back, I released data surrounding the dramatic increase in property values in San Francisco’s South of Market and Mission Bay neighborhoods and discussed some of the policy-driven reasons behind this beneficial increase and the new tax revenues that come with it.

Our data seems to clearly show that one of the reasons this neighborhood is so economically healthy is the basic investment our state made in expanding the University of California, San Francisco a few years back. The state built a new UCSF campus in Mission Bay. And now that investment is already paying the dividend of higher tax revenues that can be used for anything – from cleaning our streets to improving our schools. Read More


By: Dwight Smith

The SFMTA wants to hear directly from us about where we think they can improve.Have you ever been almost running late and then have a Muni switchback delay actually make you late? Have you ever been afraid of the overhead electric wires or your safety while riding Muni? Or what if an awesome driver made your day?

These are just a few recent user comments found from various online communities about the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. Now the SFMTA wants to hear directly from us about where we think they can improve. Read More

By: Evan Brown

The "Social Media" VoteWhat if, when your boss catches you perusing Facebook, you could tell them that you’re actually doing your civic duty? What if you could order a voter registration form on a plane as easily as ordering an overpriced snack box from the flight attendant? Or shut down voter suppression attempts with the push of a button?

Far from wishful thinking, a new spate of social media platforms and smartphone apps are allowing some citizens to do all of the above, and more. Those who are developing and promoting these “citizenship 2.0” tools see them as a way to engage the younger generation in the political process, on their own terms. Read More

One Step Closer to Restoring Our Commitment To California's Students

Middle Class Scholarship ActWe’re thrilled to share the news that AB 1500 has been passed in the California State Assembly! Parents, students and education advocates across the state have been working hard to coalesce grassroots support for Speaker John Perez’s Middle Class Scholarship Act.

AB 1500 is the portion of the Middle Class Scholarship Act that closes a $1 billion out-of-state corporate tax loophole to reduce college tuition at CSU and UC by two-thirds. If we can secure its final passage, we can prevent the rise of tuition costs on those middle-class families who do not qualify for financial aid, but who make less than $150,000. Read More

By: Mike Montgomery

Silicon Valley is the king of Internet innovation. But that doesn't mean the valley can ignore sovereign powers -- particularly when their actions could threaten its lifeblood: global Internet freedom.

In December, the innocuous-sounding World Conference on International Telecommunications will be held in Dubai. Its stated purpose is to update the international telecom ground rules for things like global interoperability of networks and exchanges of telecom traffic between countries. Read More

A new “sharing economy” app launches today just in time for Outside

The service matches empty private garage and driveway spaces with frustrated motorists willing to dig deep. It’s expensive – but not quite as much as a parking ticket. While our reset crew really, really wants you to take Muni, flaws and all, this could be a useful tool for those times when you just have to drive. Read More

SF MuniThe venerable San Francisco Civil Grand Jury is out today with their report detailing possible solutions to the San Francisco Municipal Railway’sswitchback” problems.

“Switchback” is what Muni calls it when they stop a streetcar or bus before the end of the run, kick out the passengers to wait for the next vehicle, and then head back in the opposite direction. Read More

By: Kate Maeder

It’s time to Ctrl+Alt+Delete the city’s outdated technology. Today the San Francisco Examiner reported on the new civil grand jury report proposing a complete reboot of city government’s notoriously antiquated technology. Frequent readers of Reset San Francisco know that we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Read More

SF Examiner: Civil Grand Jury Reports It's Time to Reset San Francisco

SideCar is an app that aims to connect passengers in need of a ride with drivers who have extra space.It’s no secret that the transportation system in San Francisco needs improvement. Most of us have experienced the frustration that accompanies waiting for a cab that never shows up or sitting in traffic on a MUNI bus. That’s why it’s so exciting when a new idea comes along - one that will hopefully bring some much-needed innovation to our commutes. Read More

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