Terrible Odors

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Why is it that on a normal day, I walk around the financial district, and some areas along Market street, and pretty much anywhere near these areas, the air smells terrible.  I smell feces from the sewer vents and sidewalks from who knows what.  Can this city do something about this?  Whenever I am in other cities such as L.A. or Sacramento the air never smells as bad as S.F. It just seems like every day that the smell is there and it is just disgusting that the odor is there on your way to restaurants or on my work break and unless you walk far from the financial district or just stay indoors, you can't escape it.

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Some people swear it's the bay or ocean, but it sure smells like somebody missed the toilet on certain days. Could be a combination of the two... people using drains as restrooms then it not washing away or going to the water.

But that's what experts are for. Since UCSF has one of the most highly respected Biomedical Sciences grad programs in the country, the city should hire them to better research this subject.

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