18+ Concert and Art Venues

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I'm 21 now, but when I wasn't it was always such a hassle to get into concerts, gallery openings, and other awesome art events in SF because so many were 21+. To see my favorite band's ONLY San Francisco concert last year, I had to literally beg one venue's owner and even brought my own huge Sharpie to show them I'm willing to draw my own Xes on my hands. I was frustrated not because I couldn't drink at those events but just that I couldn't even go to those events/concerts because I wasn't 21. Imagine all the bands I couldn't see just because I was one year away from the legal drinking age! Although it won't help me now, I really wish that we could all push toward making more venues and events 18+. This can increase revenue for concert and art venues and also help drive more of the local college students to SF venues. Furthermore, this will increase the demand for better late night public transportation for those college students (especially the ones who live in the East Bay because they go to Berkeley or CCA), which can then help improve BART and MUNI!

Win-win-win-win-win situation!

I understand that there is much concern over sales of alcohol to non-21+ venue attendees, so I can definitely see why club and venue owners are hesitant to allow younger and younger crowds.

Let's find a compromise!

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