Public Art, Where Have You Been All My Life?

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San Francisco has some of the nation's most expansive collection of public art, comprising of sculptures, murals, and mosaics.  Collectively, these public art pieces are worth an estimated $90 million.  However, the city cannot seem to keep track of there whereabouts.  The city does have an arts commission, but has not had a steady staff for much of its existence.  It is important that the city ramp up its efforts to keep track of this art.  This starts with better funding to the city arts commission.  Many of the pieces are from world-renound artists, so we need to give them respect, and the art to ourselves to enjoy.  Does everyone know where public art can be found?

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San Francisco Public Art

I'm not sure where public art is located, but I think it's such a shame that a cosmopolitan and culturally vibrant city like San Francisco cannot prioritize its art commission. Based on the article, I think it's imperative we follow Seattle's example, i.e. employ a full-time staff to be in charge of this commission, maintain an active database of its collection, and run a comprehensive inventory regularly.

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