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I was amazed when I first worked out in these shoes. They fit true-to-size, are very lightweight and provide an amazing amount of support. Because they are so lightweight, it's not only easier to work out, but it's also a much more pleasant experience. I have no more ankle or foot pain. I guess shoe technology has advanced quite a bit in ten years! In addition, they are durable. I thought I had scuffed them a few times on my concrete steps outside, but they still look brand new.they have shoes that fit all different types of cortez discountMy mom has wide feet, and mine are crazy narrow; we can still both wear Nike. There are so many designs! You can choose anything from plain with just the Nike symbol or some crazy design like the cookie monster; they have almost any design you can imagine on a shoe. Another really amazing thing is that Nike shoes are durable, flexible, very comfortable and they last for years if you treat them right.I usually wear a size 71/2 so I expected them to fit just right, womens nike cortez red white leather and they did, so that means they're true to size. I like the colors--gray, tourquoise nike cortez trainers uk, and fuschia-- which are unusual although they might not be unique.I wear Nike"s and really like the fit,This pair is excellent.I use them for work which is a 12+hr day.First day not one problem.Highly recommend them.Tried a lot of shoes, sneakersA little too tight, I am hoping they will stretch out with use. I have not tried running with them yet because of the tight fit nike blazer low sale uk. So once they have been broken in nike blazer low sale uk,so to speak, I'll give them a running chance.I have been wearing Nike cross trainers for as long as I can remember. My right cross trainer starting squeaking after a month. The last 2 pairs of sneakers have had this squeaking blazer low mens blue I previously read to take out the insole and put baby powder in the sneaker then put the insole back in. This worked for me. My sneakers do not squeak anymore.

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