Amend the Charter to limit public employees

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Amend San Francisco's Charter to limit the number of public employees to one for each thirty San Franciscans; median compensation (including benefits) to be no more than 110% of median private employee's compensation. Now public employees rake in something like 80% of what San Francisco spends (about $6.5 billion each year; over $8000 per resident). And that doesn't include future benefits. Public employees make way more than do private employees, and they enjoy much better benes, more job security, better working conditions, and easier work. (Sex change operation? Mais oui!) Politicians will never take on public employees; it is political suicide to do so; so citizens must.

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Also, the public employees must be effective in their positions...and if they are not needed, get rid of we say in the hospitality world...time to lean, time to clean. 

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A agree also

There are some value added departments in the City that were good ideas when they were originally set up, but they have grown and grown and pushed their mandate further and further to where they now have hundreds of employees to meet the mission statement that could be accomplished by a much smaller staff.

In addition to capping the total number of employees, we need to require each department to write a mission statement of what they are responsible for and then hold them to it.  Through analysis of Mission statement we (citizens) can identify duplication of responsibilities as well as bureaucratic creep, i.e., adding more and more slightly related responsibilities until the staff has quadrupled.

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