A Board of Supervisors that focus on...

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San Francisco ONLY.  We are paying the Board to work for US! The Board is in place by the will of the people...THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE I say! Represent US and not your agenda!   

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I am so totally bummed out and tired of the Board of Supervisors going out and trying to force their personal agendas into laws that affect all of us.

Chris Daly is the Poster Boy for "My Way or the Highway" politics.  He's not alone, but he's head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to pushing a personal agenda.

Much of this is due to having District elections where one person can convince just a fraction of the city to vote for him.  We are going to get stuck with these lunatics as long as a small group of  voters can select and push a candidate into office.  The theory is that they will represent their district - and occasionally, through sheer coincidence that happens.  However, they can pass laws that affect the whole city. 

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