CA Shouldn't Sell their State Buildings

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Selling CA State Buildings doesn't make financial sense - especially when you look at it from a real estate perspective.  The buildings are public assets which were paid off by past citizens for the benefit of future generations.  If they are selling or refinancing these buildings, they should do so to help do something in the long term interest of CA.

CA is acting penny wise and pound foolish.  By selling these buildings just to plug a budget gap, we are passing the expenses of today on to the backs of our kids and grandkids.

Lets not sell these buildings and have an honest discussion of about revenues.  Closing some the of many tax loopholes would be a great start


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More Accountability for Tax Money Usage

I agree!

It would be terrible to lose the original meanings and uses of such historic structures!

Furthermore, besides closing the loopholes, we taxpayers should be given an accurate, open, and honest breakdown of where our tax money is going! Why sacrifice these buildings and their history to make more "revenue" when we already have a lot of money that might need to just be reaccounted for and diverted to different uses rather than possibly wasteful ones. Where are all these billions of dollars going?

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Good News

The Gov just agreed. He's Resetting CA.



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