Get Rid of the Dead Wood. How? Civil Service Reform and 360 Performance Reviews

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For too long unproductive government employees have taken our tax payer dollars and given us nothing in return. While they coast we struggle to make ends meet. It's time we change this.

1. I suggest we institute Civil Service reform so employees are held accountable and can be let go like the private sector  

2. Public servants should report their performance to their customers: the constituents they serve. We should be able to have a say in the review process

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The Devil in the Details

We all want to get more for our tax money. And many people share a view that we could get a better result from city government. But in my experience the workers usually get blamed for the failures of management - particularly our political leadership. And while civil service might be responsible for protecting some workers who are not doing their jobs, it also protects all of us from political patronage. 

 Do you know some places where Civil Service reforms like the ones you propose are working?

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