A good idea for California's ballots

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Missouri voters passed Proposition C, a state law keeping the government from mandating that people have health insurance and from fining them for not purchasing it. If such a proposition was on my ballot, I'd definitely vote for it. How about it, San Francisco? This outrage needs to be struck down as it will cause a lot of hardship for lower-income people who make too much to get free health care but who are just barely making it as it, with the high costs of rents/mortgages and other expenses today, and cannot afford either the high cost of some kind of government-required insurance nor can they afford to pay a stiff tax/fine for choosing not to do so. I am including myself here. This is badly infringing upon the rights of people to choose or not to choose to pay another large bill if they do not think they can afford to do so. So let's have it on California ballots in the next election. The government should not be allowed to force people to buy insurance or anything else nor nastily tax them for not doing so. 
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We all pay

If everyone has insurance then the cost goes down for everyone.  When only some people have insurance, then those without end up relying on public services which we all pay for.  

The problem is that this means some people pay very little - because they don't pay for insurance, while the rest of us pay for our own medical care through insurance plus we pay taxes for public health services that cover the uninsured.

The real answer is to have universal health care paid through taxes by everyone and utilized by everyone.  Health care should be an infrastructure service the same way federal highways are an infrastructure service.  But we don't have that.  We have insurance companies.  So, sorry, but if we don't have universal health care then we should all have insurance.

So, no, I don't think this should be on the ballot.

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