Invasion of the Smart Meters by a DUMB utility company

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The Board of Supervisors really needs to get on the ball with this one. Outlaw smart meters. Plain, pure, and simple. Make no mistake: A Smart Meter paves the way for "peak demand pricing" which means during the summer months you pay more- substantially more- for electricity even though you may not be consuming more. The accounts of inaccuracies in Smart Meters are widespread enough to be considered no part of the lunatic fringe. Furthermore do you REALLY want to put the ability for a criminal to be able to shut off your electricity ? It's already happened in South America when their electrical system was hacked into. Mark my words: Smart Meters have NOTHING to do with customer service and EVERYTHING to do with a greedy utlity company trying to gouge it's customers. They willl NOT put one in my home without a court order and I would encourage people to become VERY active in this. PG and E is trying to rip it's customers off under some very false pretenses and should be stopped.
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Smart Meters accurate

Here are just a couple of articles explaining that, after independent review, SmartMeters are accurate. Certainly PG&E could have handled the roll-out much better from a public relations point of view, but the type of conspiratorial dialogue that's been going on regarding SmartMeters is just over the top. The CPUC handled the controversy well by having an independent organization do the testing.

In terms of raising rates, this also seems a bit conspiratorial to me. The SmartMeters themselves enable people to go online and see how much energy they are using and when the cheapest time to use it would be. This seems like it puts the power in the hands of the consumer as opposed to giving more power to PG&E.

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