Jobs Now!

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the Senate doesn't like our Jobs Now program, but I think it's great, and so does San Francisco!

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When it works, it works!

I understand that congress members have loyalties to their specific districts and fight primarily for their interests -- but when an unemployment program has been deemed successful and still can't get renewed funding, I have to wonder how this system can really work for the greater good. 

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San Francisco is still blessed with less unemployment than average state-wide due perhaps to vibrant tourism, dot-com, and just being a place where creative people love to be. For union jobs, SF should be--but is not--accelerating public works programs already in place: the Water System Improvement Program, over $3 billion left to spend, and the Sewer System Improvement Program, still not finalized, was to have been in 2004. The latter is about $5 billion. The former program claims to have spent about a billion bucks and created over a million craft hours of work so far. But delays keep happening and work is put ever further off. If plans of two years ago had been realized (not even accelerated) then there would be much more construction work being done today. Construction workers spend on everything, juicing the economy, donuts to pickups. But our politicians let the public employees go along at their own slow pace. And why should the public employees quicken the pace? They've their own jobs to think of. Just one agency--SFPUC--and just two programs: $8 billion dollars of spending is out there waiting for bureaucrats to finish dotting i's and crossing t's. Come on, it's not hard to create jobs; it takes will, political will.

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Variation on a theme...

During the Northridge Quake in the Southland, the contractor hired to repair I-5 was offered a bonus for every day early the project was completed and was threatened with a heavy fine for every day delayed.

The result?  A highway built before promised date, within budget, and millions of happy commuters and businesses from both Northern and Southern California.

Why can't a similar program be adapted for municipal workers?

Just a thought...


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