Mayor Lee and San Francisco Government Transparency

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I know I'm not alone in thinking that interim Mayor Ed Lee is doing a fairly good job. If nothing else, he seems focused on issues and problems as opposed to his next TV appearance or next political job (hmm...). But what stands out to me is that he really seems like he CARES about doing a good job. This article about his calendar being more public than Gavin Newsom's or Willie Brown's substantiates that. There's always going to be critics but for now I'm quite pleased with Lee's committment to the office and, seemingly, to transparency and sunshine in city government. My fear is that this may be just temporary. Hopefully we can all get behind the type of transparency Lee is showing and make it known that we as San Franciscans won't LET our city go back to the way it was.

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Web 2.0 Tools in Government

Question: How can politicians be more transparent and in better touch with the communities they serve?


Answer: Utilize Web 2.0 technology to keep the public informed such as blogs, iPhone apps, QR codes, twitter, facebook, etc.


Here are a few links to different ways that elected officials have been utilizing this media.

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Transparency AND accountability

Even SF Examiner agrees that Lee is doing a solid job.

He's especially praised for pushing the deal to keep Twitter in San Francisco and on top of that, reinforcing transparency and accountability by summoning a technology working group to keep track of job creation and the city's tax structure.

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