More City Hall Webcasts!

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I appreciate the many government notes and minutes available online these days. I often listen to City Hall happenings on NPR on my iPhone. But how expensive would it be to stick a nice webcam in more meetings? If anything, I'd like to put a face with the voices I'm hearing, for future reference.

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The City does do a fairly

The City does do a fairly good job when it comes to posting minutes, agendas, videos etc of their meetings. When searching for those, I find them pretty quickly. Adding a webcam would be a great thing and add to the transparency they claim to seek. I'm sure there would be some group complaining about "wasting" money on a webcam though

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a priority?

 webcasts are a good idea, but there are a lot of good (or even great) ideas that the city just doesn't have the money for. The question is, does this really give us more transparency, or should the money be spent elsewhere. What's the marginal utility of all of these small and cool things, and at what point do they add up to too much cost.

Could we set aside a part of our budget that deals with smaller but useful things every year, just to test them out?

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Worth your money?

I agree with the "Real" GCS. Is the difference between and audio-only broadcast and full-video webcast that great? What real advantages would video provide? Most meetings in City Hall are rather boring and involve a bunch of people sitting down and talking. Would anyone really prefer to have their tax dollars spent on video equipment so they could watch City officials talk, rather than infrastructure, jobs, public safety?

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aren't a lot of meetings

aren't a lot of meetings televised on SF Gov TV anyway?  Seems like the cameras are there, would just need the computer equipment and bandwidth to telecast online as well.

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gov 2.0

The sup meetings already have a broadcast. The thing is... not many people know about it. SF is actually trying to do a lot of gov 2.0 things, but there isn't much visibility or effort getting the word out.

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