New City Facebook Application

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No link in the Chron Story on this today - but I think this is the new city Facebook app they are talking about.

What do you think?

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Reset SF Paving the Way for Government and Social Media

Last year Gov 2.0 blogged about an article about transforming government in such a way that it was accessible on social media. The article said that the direction that the world is going is that social media will be a platform to communicate with elected officials and a way to do government transactions such as pay taxes. Read the article here.


But taxes and doing government business aside, the main point of the article is that the direction government is moving is creating communities through social media.


As the article states, government use of social media

“will be focused upon building communities of interest and facilitating consultation efforts on topics of community concern. That in itself will be a big first step for most government agencies.”


Reset San Francisco, you are paving the way for user generated government!


So maybe paying taxes and having data might take longer to integrate into social media. But the first step of updating the government and bringing it into the twenty-first century is creating online communities, using web 2.0 tools, and developing social media based on issues.


Reset San Francisco, you are the way of the future!

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City Data, Web 2.0, Better Government, Better SF

I actually saw a site related to this a couple months ago!

It's a bunch of mobile apps that were made using city data to help improve life in San Francisco! The apps span crime info to Health Inspection scores to an app that helps you find parking and even one that tells you what trees are in different areas of the city for the budding botanists out there.

I think it's great that all these sources of information are being used so creatively to help San Franciscans. It's also great to know that as a Reset San Francisco user, I'm helping improve San Francisco online and offline!

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Open Govt

Technology can open government like never before.  We can get access to data and be able to analyze it at home on our personal computer.  Something we would have needed a team of statiscians and supercomputers to do 20 years ago.  We need more apps, but more importantly we need more dialogue.  Right now, apps are there to distrbute information.  We need to have apps to have dialogue and encourage discourse!

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