Not sure this is government--PUC?

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So, this past month our water bill DOUBLED because the PUC allowed the water dept. to pass on upgrade costs to the customers.  Ok, I can accept paying for some upgrades since I know the water pipes are cracking and breaking from age but to double the bill????!!!  Does the PUC not understand that we are in a recession and, obviously unlike the PUC board, most of us have not gotten raises and bonuses for several years ior more and the raises we did get before the recession were not even keeping up with the cost of living increases.  Our PG&E bill seems to increase (authoritzed by the PUC) every 3 or 4 months.  It is getting to the point where we cannot afford to pay for basic utilites.  I thought the tv show on a hoarder who had her water turned off because she couldn't afford it and eliminated in plastic bags which she tied and stored in a room because she didn't know what else to do with it was weird but this month I suddenly realized her thinking is not mental handicappedness.  Paying for garbage pick up whether you need it or not (some people do their own composting in the yard yet still have to pay Recology for picking up air in their compost bins) is mandatory by law so we can't cut back there.  Our choice is going to be do we pay for gas-electric, water, prescriptions that keep us alive, or food--such a bleak future for those of us who have supported this city for so long.

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