Prop 8 stay "lifted"

Ben Shore's picture

I understand Judge Walker's reasoning behind his somewhat strange ruling today, despite disagreeing with it. The outcry of the religious right had he lifted the stay this afternoon would have corrupted and poisoned the public discourse so badly that I really fear it could have caused problems for the pro-gay marriage movement. It has enough to deal with as is, it certainly doesn't need a ravaging band of Tea Partiers discrediting Judge Walker because he is gay and claiming his ruling is thus somehow illegitimate (i.e. President Obama born in Kenya or Moscow or Neptune, or wherever they like to say). But now of course comes the concern that the Court of Appeals, next week, continues the stay. Not that it would have necessarily been the best thing for marriages to commence today, go on for a week and then possibly be stayed again next week by the Court. Then we would have been in the same mess we were in when the Supreme Court decided to keep legal the marriages that were conducted pre-Prop 8. Nothing seems to be coming easy in this truly historic battle. But segregation wasn't turned into integration overnight. I do truly believe that once this all plays out, we will, as President Obama has said, be "on the right side of history."

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