Prop. 8 Struck Down! :)

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I find that this is awesome in terms of same-sex marriage, especially in San Francisco. This is absolutely an important milestone for civil rights. What do you guys think? :)

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Definitely a victory! My concern, though, is that this short-term defeat will motivate supporters of traditional marriage even more. :(

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Ready to Issue Marriage Licenses

This is great victory for equality and civil rights.  We need to be ready and willing to fight and defend those rights at all time.  In SF, our office is ready to issue marriage licenses once the stay is lifted.  We can't wait!

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Conservatives on same-sex marriage

I support same-sex marriage very strongly and I really don't understand the opposition from conservatives.  The religious right, I get (yet I obviously don't agree).  But from general conservatives (real conservatives, not necessarily Republicans) who don't have a religious objection, it seems like such a hypocrisy for them to tout personal freedoms and limited government (i.e. government out of my personal business) while at the same time wanting the government to dictate who can or cannot wed. Isn't that one of the most personal decisions one makes in their life?  Do they really want the government regulating this personal choice?  What do they care what other people do with their lives!? 

Whether one agrees or disagrees with someone's choice of partner, I just don't understand how a conservative can oppose that person's right to a choice and instead wish that the government be given the authority of that choice.

Anyhow, huge win for the LGBT community here, and for civil rights in this country, and I hope people will soon be able to marry their loved ones freely. 

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Equal Protection

I agree with Bobbh, that conservatives are hypocrites. What it all boils down to is the premise in the constitution that all citizens deserve the right to be treated equally as guaranteed under the 14th amendment to the constitution. All of our citizens, regardless of what kind of human being the are at the time of their birth (ie, skin color, sexual orientation, etc), are guaranteed this right.  Why do those in positions of power constantly try to undermine this principle.  Can you believe that the Supreme Court used the 14th amendment clause to nullify a recount in the State of Florida when Bush was being challenged by Gore. If the Supreme Court can argue that Bush's equal protection right would have been violated, will this Supreme court agree the same is true for same sex couples. I hope so.

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It's about time. It was rather embarrassing that those other US cities and other parts of the world made this possible before we did! Really good news.

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Not appropriate for the California Constitution

The California Constitution should not explicitly deny nor allow gay marriage, as its purpose should be to provide a high level operational and financial framework for government.  Issues like gay marriage should be decided locally.   If a small backwards town with 100 people does not want to support gay marriage then we should not force it upon them.  Likewise, voters in socially conservative Orange County should not be allowed to force us to stop gay marriages here in San Francisco.  This never should have become a statewide issue in the first place.

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no on hate

no on hate

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