RCV increases voter participation

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Ranked-Choice Voting was chosen by San Francisco voters almost 10 years ago to give voters a stronger voice at the ballot box.  It has allowed voters to more fully express their preferences on the ballot, given voters more choices, and eliminated low-turnout December run-offs.  By avoiding low-turnout elections, San Francisco has actually saved money.  Every thing gets taken care of in a single election.  Voters don't have to go to the polls twice, and candidates can't play makeover between after making the first cut.
Sure, some political consultants don't like RCV because it cuts down on the games they can play.  But elections shouldn't be tailored for what makes political consultants happy.
Some people don't really like a government controlled by a democratic process.  They are really unhappy with any reform such as RCV that increases voter participation and gives voters a stronger voice in our government.  Those people will do anything to return to the days where voters were rubber stamps for backroom deals.

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