Second-hand goods merchant money Converters has off

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Second-hand product trafficker money Converters has off to a much higher start to its twelvemonth than expected, helped by its accumulated presence on Britain's high streets.

Earnings before interest and tax within the three months to the top of Sept were up 44.7% year-on-year to $14.2m, driven by the continuing robust performance of the non-public loan books.

The international group said its flm quick loans United Kingdom loan book had created a very good start to the year with the worth of the reserve 156.1% from a year earlier to Ј15.3m.

While the push of Brits to pawn their belongings might be seen as a worrying sign for the uk economy, money Converters had some comforting news in that bad debt levels within the uk have stable.

The group's online offering within the company's Australian homeland is additionally growing strongly, with the web search platform now racking up sales of around Ј0.25m a month.

The cash converters loans company is presently implementing a brand new purpose of sale system which can embody AN application to display what's on offer in every Australian shop. the thought is to roll out this platform to the uk chain of retailers. the directors expect this to increase the sale of products on-line.

"The Sep quarter was exceptionally strong and has exceeded our expectations," said pater Cuons, the manager of money Converters.

"Particularly pleasing, but not surprising, is the growth we've achieved within the UK as our efforts and specialise in corporate store acquisitions and growing the private loan book is setting out to contribute strongly to our earnings," Coytuins added.

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