Should we do away with Supervisor term limits?

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I propose we do away with term limits for Supervisors. Although Alioto-Pier was a slightly different issue in that she said she shouldn't have her first partial term counted (, today's decision brings up the issue that we're getting rid of quality public servants too fast. I think we should let the voters keep who they want and throw out ineffective pols. Otherwise, we're only encouraging our Board to be a stepping stone to future office, which will lead to more cronyism and deal making.

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I agree with "eddietortue" that 8 years is a long time to fix potholes and other quality-of-life issues, but not all. State Assemblymembers can only serve by law for 6 years and must run for re-election every two years. Such a system creates a myopic way of governing - as elected officials are running for re-election on day one. And, because of that, long-term projects like investment in much needed infrastructure are ignored. How can you run for re-election on a project that wont be finished until you are termed out?

San Francisco has a better system, but, it can be better. Potholes are not the only issues being dealt with at City Hall. We need Supervisors who will prioritize a 10-year investment in infrastructure as high as a 10-month project.

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Term limits VS district Supes

Right now Term limits are the only way to get rid of the turkeys.  Thank god for term limits!  On the other hand, term limits wouldn't matter as much if we had general elections where a turkey like Chris Daly would need to convince the whole city that he had something of value to add.  

Over all, I think term limits are OK because they allow new blood to come into local government, but I think they could be modified so that they limited offices to two consecutive terms followed by a fallow period (4 to 8 years for example) after which an office holder could have another go at it.

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Term limits

I agree with Juan Carlos that as soon as CA Legislature members get elected and sworn in they're back to running for their nest term and this does not bode well when your both running and trying to learn the intricacies of the legislative system.  Sacramento staffs are more knowledgeable about how to pass legislation than freshmen members are.  Term limits are sensible in principle but are useless in real life scenario. I hate seeing an elected member playing musical chairs, the only thing worse than that, is seeing one struggling to be on the ballot: case and point Alioto - Pier.

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