Team Reset

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The Better Government team had a great idea on Saturday!  Let's take one department and one problem - do an audit and find the solution.  Any thoughts about which department to start with and who to talk to.

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Department of Public Works in Terms of Our Dirty Streets

For all the money we put into our Department of Public Works and all the street sweeping signs that torment drivers, our streets are still really dirty! I know that we have street sweeping for the actual road, but I'd really like to find out where all the money is going for keeping the streets and sidewalks clean too. I know we have a tight budget, but I'd rather not have to worry about stepping on something gross while walking down Market or Valencia. Also, I think we need to work harder as individuals and with the government to enforce street cleanliness among San Franciscans -- especially those who have pets.

It's a team effort!

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SFMTA--MUNI Improvements

Let's improve MUNI! We already have such momentum going in our conversations about MUNI and ways that are cost effective to make MUNI more efficient and satisfy MUNI customers (like me!). What if city hall put out a survey like Reset SFs recent poll and got feedback, then targeted specific ways to improve MUNI efficiency, make it safer as there is no reason riders should be getting injured on the bus, and make the annoying clipper cards more pleasant to listen to.


SFMTA needs an audit very badly.

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I like it... but how?

This sounds like a great idea.  As we learned from all the discussion during Saturday's event, we may not always agree on the best solution, and we can probably debate all day, but we can start by becoming better informed.

But who will join the audit team?  How many people should take part?  Who do we need to convince to make this happen?

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