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We Built a Stronger San Francisco Economy on Smart Government Investments

September 7, 2012

By: Phil Ting

As we watch the news from the party conventions, we are hearing a new refrain – “We built that.”

As political rhetoric goes, it is hardly, “Where’s the Beef?” or even, “Bridge to the 21st Century.” What it lacks in rhetorical punch, it more than makes up for in policy weight.

Voter Empowerment Goes High Tech

August 31, 2012

By: Evan Brown

AB 1500 Passes CA State Assembly!

One Step Closer to Restoring Our Commitment To California's Students

August 16, 2012

International Regulation Menaces Internet Freedom

August 16, 2012

By: Mike Montgomery

Silicon Valley is the king of Internet innovation. But that doesn't mean the valley can ignore sovereign powers -- particularly when their actions could threaten its lifeblood: global Internet freedom.

This Rocks

August 10, 2012

A new “sharing economy” app launches today just in time for Outside

They Don’t Want an App for That

August 9, 2012

The venerable San Francisco Civil Grand Jury is out today with their report detailing possible solutions to the San Francisco Municipal Railway’sswitchback” problems.

We Couldn’t Have Said It Better Ourselves

By: Kate Maeder

It’s time to Ctrl+Alt+Delete the city’s outdated technology. Today the San Francisco Examiner reported on the new civil grand jury report proposing a complete reboot of city government’s notoriously antiquated technology. Frequent readers of Reset San Francisco know that we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

What Propositions are on the November 2012 Ballot in California?

It seems like we always have a lot of political homework to do, and this election will be no exception. Here’s a list of the state ballot propositions on the November 2012 ballot. You can learn more about these at the Secretary of State’s website.


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