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Bureaucratic Overload at City Hall

Joe Eskenazi’s piece in this week’s SFWeekly was quality journalism.

Sacramento Steps Up the Fight on Universal Internet Access

At Reset, one of our highest community priorities is Universal Internet Access. We can’t fully implement a faster and more effective Gov 2.0 until every San Franciscan has the online tools to access e-government.

Measure to Dismantle Care Not Cash is Pulled from November Ballot

Today, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that Supervisors Jane Kim and Eric Mar are withdrawing their support of the proposed measure that would dismantle Care Not Cash, a successful program that helps the city’s homeless transition off the street. Without their support, the measure does not have the four supervisor backers that it needs to make the ballot in November.

Using Gamification to Teach Safety and Disaster Preparedness – And Kill Some Zombies

By: Jade Durkee

So the BIG ONE, that fabled earthquake that will rip California from the rest of the country and set it adrift, is supposed to happen any time now. Actually, Earth is toast by 2012, according to some dubious Mayan calculations and director Roland Emmerich. Well, that's craptastic.

San Francisco More Negative Than Other Bay Area Cities

By: Victoria Holliday

A new survey shows San Francisco is the most negative Bay Area city when it comes to city residents’ outlook on local government.

Let the Facts Guide Us in the Care Not Cash Debate

By: Phil Ting

Please sign the petition to protect Care Not Cash

In the fog of political rhetoric and personal opinion – facts are a welcome beacon.

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