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How do I report a pothole in San Francisco?

Inform San Francisco of Sidewalk and Street Defects Online

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By: Katie Short


Tell It Is Amazon.Wrong

Should San Franciscans Support a Company that Won’t Support California? 

Sign our petition on! California sales tax loophole

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  • Freecycle for businesses, why not Freecycle for Government 2.0?

    Freecycle sounds like recycle for a reason — it means free recycling. Freecycle is a global network that allows users to save reusable items from life in a landfill by providing an online registry where users can get and list free items for reuse or recycling.recycled books

    Taking Online Education to the Next Level

    Reset has already talked about the role of Twitter in teaching and how technology has changed not only how teachers teach, but also how students learn. So we were happy to hear about a new Learning in the 21st Century 2011 Trends report, which discussed the increased role online classes play in student education.

    What Would You #AskObama?

    By: Alyssa Sittig

    Obama Twitter townhallHere’s a question you may never have thought to ponder: what would you tweet to the President of the United States?

    SFPD Dinosaurs Moving Out of Electronic Dark Ages

    SFPD, the 11th largest police department in the United States, just got email. Does this seem a little absurd to you?

    We think it is – but at least it’s a small step forward.

    police department email

    Sales Tax Goes Down, Sales Tax Goes Up?

    San Francisco Mayor Ed LeeCalifornians across the state are going to notice a few extra dollars in their wallet when they go buy a new plasma TV, iPad 2 or DVD player.

    How do I buy a Muni Fast Pass?

    Reset Rating: C+ (9 out of 15)

    By: Katie Short


    NYC Declares Social Media Day

    We have to give it to New York City. When it comes to Gov 2.0, they are taking charge. Last week, Gotham marked the inaugural Social Media Day, official proclamation and all. The day was the result of collaborations between Mashable, Mayor Bloomberg and NYC Chief Digital Officer Rachel Sterne.

    This Week's MUNI Musician

    Check out this week's Muni Musician. Thanks to your tips, the Reset team has been able to find some of the best street musicians in San Francisco.

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