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The Care Not Cash Debate

Jennifer Friedenbach, Executive Director of the Coalition on Homelessness, recently challenged me to a debate on the proposed amendments to Care Not Cash that the Board of Supervisors voted to put on the ballot this November.

In the spirit of Reset San Francisco, where we discuss important issues in the city both big and small, I would be happy to have a conversation with Jennifer on homelessness in our city. There’s no issue as important.

San Francisco is the Greenest City in the U.S and Canada

Good news San Francisco! Sorting out all your trash and compost into those green and blue cans is finally good for something other than Mother Earth and your karma.

How to Register Your Clipper Card

Reset Rating: B+ (11.5 out of 15)

By: Katie Short


You’ve gotten a the Clipper card, and the first thing you should do, before you take it for its first spin to the 16th Street Mission BART stop, is register

Bridges, Buses and Ferries – Oh My! Fares Going Up Today

Sometimes, it doesn’t seem possible to give Bay Area transit users more bad news.

The Republicans In Sacramento Say No to Tax Extensions. What Will San Franciscans Do?

Blocked by an intransigent Republican minority in Sacramento, Governor Jerry Brown and state legislative leaders just adopted an “all cuts” budget in Sacramento.

Stepping into this void, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee is proposing a ½ cent local sales tax to replace the one-cent state sales tax that is expiring tomorrow (on July 1st).

Reset Poll Respondents Strongly Reject Plan to Reduce Voter Power

Reset San Francisco is all about reform. But one “reform” being promoted at City Hall is being viewed with real skepticism – at least by our Reset Poll respondents.

Reset Voter Poll Shows Overwhelming Opposition to Amending Care Not Cash Reforms

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After a contentious campaign in 2002, the Care Not Cash reforms of homeless services were approved by nearly 60% of San Francisco voters.

According to an online poll of San Francisco voters taken by Reset San Francisco, these reforms are only more popular today.

San Francisco Library: expanding technology to meet needs of San Franciscans

We may not always consider libraries to be beacons of Web 2.0 engagement and technological tools, but the San Francisco Public Library is trying to change that perception.

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