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Crowdsourcing the Classroom – Education 2.0

Here at Reset San Francisco we know that Twitter,  one of the fastest growing streams of social media,has evolved from just 140 characters about what you ate for breakfast to a powerful communication and marketing tool. So it seems a logical next step for Twitter to enter the realm of education and lead the way for Education 2.0.

Senior Fiscal Policy Advisor for California Forward Speaks at SPUR Lunch Forum

Governor Jerry Brown’s veto of the proposed budget is just one more data point highlighting California’s government dysfunction.

Why is San Francisco So Dirty?

A new America’s Favorite Cities survey by Travel + Leisure readers ranked San Francisco among the dirtiest cities in the nation.

Crime Maps - How safe is my neighborhood?

Reset Rating: B+ (12 out of 15)


Moving to a new apartment in another San Francisco neighborhood? Wondering why your apartment is so cheap despite the wood floors and new, attractive Kohler faucets?

Constitutional Crowdsourcing? Now that’s Gov 2.0!

Iceland rewrites constitution via social networksIn Iceland this week, the leaders of one of the world’s most wired nations took crowdsourcing and Gov 2.0 to a new level.

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