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Grub 2.0 – Innovation in the Delicious Economy

At Reset we are all about innovation. That starts with the breakthrough technologies of Government 2.0 that can help make San Francisco an even better place to live and work. But here in San Francisco, we are more than leaders of the digital economy. The innovators at Off the Grid are leading the way in a delicious economy that is creating jobs, lowering the barriers to entry for small business and just making San Francisco an even cooler place to live.

Can Government 2.0 Use Social Media to Predict Social Problems?

Could government harness social media data streams to predict the future? That looks like the near future of Government 2.0.What if San Francisco city government could spot a problem before it was a big problem?

Photo of the Week @ Off the Grid

One of the best things about Grub 2.0 is that you can bring your dog.

Check out more great pictures from Reset team member, Sarah Grunder, at Off the Grid - and stay tuned for more reviews and pictures of our favorite food trucks in the City.

Why Does the GGNRA Keep Stepping In It?

GGNRA trying to limit off-lease dog areasIt is conventional wisdom that San Francisco has more dogs than children.

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