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How many San Francisco 49ers players are a part of the NFL Hall of Fame?

Fifteen San Francisco 49ers players have been inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 49ers history. Famous players such as Joe Montana, inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2000, Steve Young (2005), and Deion Sanders (2011), are some of the most well known 49ers. The full list of 49er Hall of Famers can be found here.


How many San Francisco Giants players are a part of the Baseball Hall of Fame?

In all of the San Francisco Giants’ history there have been 29 players inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, but only 6 of these players ever played in San Francisco for the San Francisco Giants. The most recognizable amongst them are Willie Mays and Willie McCovey who both have locations around AT&T Park dedicated to them (Willie Mays Plaza and McCovey Cove).

Is there public transportation to and from San Francisco International Airport?

Yes, there are many options for transport to and from San Francisco International Airport (SFO). Many choose to take BART because it’s an easy, smooth ride, and it goes straight to the airport.

These options include:

Do you have to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle in San Francisco?

If the bicyclist is under 18 years of age, then a helmet is required to ride. Violation of this law can result in a $25 fine. And though it is not required for adults, we highly recommend wearing a helmet to prevent unplanned injury.


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How many parks are in San Francisco?

Ranked 1st by the Trust for Public Land in park quality, San Francisco has over 220 parks, including Golden Gate Park, which according to Project for Public Spaces is 14th Best Park in the world. Click here for a map of all of San Francisco’s many parks.


How is the San Francisco CityPASS different from a Muni Passport?

The San Francisco CityPASS is not produced and marketed by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency but instead operates under an independent organization.

So which pass meets your needs? SFMTA provides a table illustrating the differences and price comparisons between the two passes here.

Where can I buy MUNI Visitor Passports?

For those feeling adventurous, Muni Passports give holders unlimited rides on Muni vehicles and cable cars. 3-day and 7-day passports are valid for consecutive days only.

Muni Passports may be purchased at the following locations:

Where can I find a list of holiday events in San Francisco?

Looking for something to do in the city? There are always events occurring in this busy city. The trick isn’t to find them, but to keep track of them all.

SF Gate has an updated list of holiday events in San Francisco.

For a list of events (not necessarily related to holidays), check here.

Where can I donate books to the San Francisco public library?

Friends of the San Francisco Public Library, a nonprofit organization that supports the public library, accepts book donations at its center at 438 Treat Ave. (between 17th and 18th St., near Harrison), Monday to Saturday from 10am – 2pm. You can call in advance about holiday hours. Donations are tax-deductible. You can contact the donation center at (415) 522-8600.

Small donations (5 boxes or less) are also accepted at Readers Bookstore in Fort Mason.

What volunteering opportunities does the San Francisco public library offer?

A list of volunteering opportunities at the San Francisco public libraries is available here.

Volunteers over the age of 18 will need to contact the Volunteer Program Coordinator for information. The application process may take up to one month.

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