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Reset San Francisco’s Ask an Expert Series is Back on May 12!

Join the conversation on Solar in San Francisco with Phil Ting and Jeanine Cotter!

Reset San Francisco is excited to announce the return of our popular Ask an Expert series. Next Thursday, May 12, Jeanine Cotter, CEO of Luminalt, will join Phil Ting for a discussion about the future of solar in San Francisco and the importance of preserving our local solar incentive programs.

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At Reset San Francisco, we not only encourage residents to discuss important local policy issues, but we also want to rave about what makes San Francisco great.

A Political Website Worth Sharing

Sorry, but we just had to share this.

At Reset, we have noticed that nearly every political website in America is designed by a manic fan of fire trucks. Now we see someone else has noticed, too.

Check it out:

Buses Every 10 Seconds During Peak Hours?

MUNI takes years, China says done.

By: Nick Vojdani
May 5, 2011

MUNI peak hoursWhile MUNI is still working on getting buses to show up every ten minutes, one city in China has buses arriving every ten seconds during peak hours.

Late Night BART to Get New Life?

BART station Like Cinderella, in San Francisco the party can often stop at Midnight.

That is, if you’re a BART rider enjoying the myriad nightlife activities in and around San Francisco.

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