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Drinks at 111 Minna on Wednesday

Do you have time for a celebration this Wednesday evening?

We’ve been working so hard to Reset San Francisco and we shouldn’t forget to celebrate our success. Thanks to our incredible supporters, interns and volunteers, we’re already engaging thousands of San Franciscans both online and offline to discuss real ideas and real solutions for making our city government work better.

Closing the Amazon Loophole

A new report out today shows closing the tax loophole would mean up to $1 billion in new state revenue, while helping to level the playing field for California’s small businesses.

Some Good Vibrations Out of Sacramento

San Francisco TrafficA very intriguing piece of legislation was passed out of committee in Sacramento today that could one day lead to San Francisco traffic generating more than road rage.  The bill, which was passed by the Assembly Natural Resources Committee by a vote of 6-1, would use

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  • Infographic: Parking in San Francisco

    It's not a coincidence that parking in San Francisco is always a hot topic on Reset San Francisco. Whether it's our unfair ticket plan petition or our latest post on the SFPark app, San Francisco parking issues have no problem finding a spot in our daily conversations.

    Reset Revealed: San Francisco City Employees Speak Out!

    Ideas on balancing the City’s budget and lowering deficit.

    Reset Revealed in San Francisco

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