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Now This Is Stimulus You Can Believe In

Imagine if there were a federal program with millions of dollars set-aside just for California’s working families, where each family could fill out one form and get up to $5,666 to help pay the bills. Imagine the real benefit this would have for California’s working families who are struggling to get by in this economy. Imagine the impact on California’s already overburdened social programs, if families could be less reliant on state programs.

When Open Government Closes

By: Ben Shore

So what happens when “open government” shuts down early? If the government has useful, open data to supply to the citizenry but no one can see it, is it really open?When open government closes

Beyond Information Without Impact

By: Eric Jaye

SF 311
Here’s the good news – the idea that governments should collect feedback from residents is gaining broader acceptance under the banner of Gov. 2.0.

Fighting Parking Tickets in San Francisco – Take it to the Web

By: Ben ShoreFight Unfair Parking Tickets in San Francisco

It’s fairly likely that you or someone you know has, at some point, experienced the following situation in San Francisco:

This one time my car was stolen, and then I was robbed... By the City of San Francisco

By: Catherine Moore

There was a time in my life, when I believed in the security of parking garages.   In fact, I've been pro parking-garage since I was of driving age.  I park in them when I run errands.  I park in them when I drive to work.  I pay for a monthly parking spot at the Civic Center parking garage.

How the iPad 2 and Tax Code Upgrades Can Help Fix Our Budget Mess

By: Juan Carlos Sanchez

“Then you better start swimmin' or you'll sink like a stone, for the times they are a-changin'.”

After a year of making fun of Apple’s iPad and those who dropped about half a grand for the oversized iPod Touch, I found myself making a complete one-eighty and purchasing the iPad 2.

The Clipper Card Disaster

Why the new Clipper Card system is actually making the SF Municipal Railway worse

by: Eric Jaye

San Francisco Clipper Card Disaster The Clipper Card sounds like a great idea – until you use it.

San Francisco Taxi Cabs Must be Used More Efficiently

By: Ben Shore

Many of us have stood along the Embarcadero, around Union Square or outside Pier 39 on a rainy and cold San Francisco evening waiting patiently for a taxi to come to our rescue.

And we’ve waited.

And waited.

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