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Property Taxes and the SF Mayor Race

After the 2009 property tax assessments were released, thousands of San Franciscans complained that the increase of 2% was inaccurate, which they were found to be. While some may see this as one more reason that Phil Ting should not be mayor, I believe the incident brought out the best qualities in Mr. Ting and what San Francisco should want in its mayor. Mr. Ting was able to admit his department's mistake, as well as settle 400 of the complaints outside of court, saving the city from thousands in legal fees.

Unconventional Solutions

America’s Cup is coming to San Francisco! Mayor Ed Lee is setting up a committee to smooth out the logistics of the race and the details are falling into place.  All this attention on our great city has got me thinking about what I would do to prepare San Francisco – to make SF a city I would be proud to show off to the world.

The New Political Era – Dependent Upon the Conversations of Communities

          As human beings, we are naturally flawed. Thus, products of our humanity will be inherently imperfect. Yet, what separates us as a superior being is that we never stop striving for improvement.

Searching for Pennies in all the Wrong Places

We are in a financial crisis – there is no doubt about that. But when we begin searching the pockets of our basic city workforce for spare pennies, I wonder where this is all heading.


 Last Tuesday - January 18th - the Municipal Transportation Agency stalled a proposal to begin charging parking fees for MUNI employees to park their cars while at work. The specifics included a $55 fine for workers who park at work instead of purchasing the new $80 monthly permit fee.  


It's Time to Prioritize

The future of San Francisco is at a crossroads while Governor Jerry Brown’s proposal to eliminate redevelopment agencies and enterprise zones threatens city plans and projects. Just recently, City Hall approved a multi-million dollar redevelopment project at Hunter’s Point - which promised to create hundreds of new jobs, affordable housing and improved infrastructure for the neighborhood. It seems like once again we’re back at the drawing board, waiting for the green light.


A New Era for Asian-American Politicians

The new appointment of Edwin Lee as San Francisco’s new mayor brings new excitement to the City.  Mr. Lee is the first Asian-American Mayor of San Francisco, and now has the opportunity to make concrete steps in his 30-year fight for the rights of immigrants and the Asian-American community at large.

Malicious ticketing

I understand the need to keep our streets clean, and in an effort to do so penalties are to be paid for not moving your vehicle at the posted time, but in the spirit of not fleecing the citizens and business owners of their hard earned money, why are the meter maids ticketing vehicles after the streetsweeper has already gone by? I got off my motorcycle the other day and went inside a business to get change for the meter and when I came out not more than five minutes later to put change in the meter there was a metermaid ticketing me.

Selling state buildings now means auctioning our future

December 17, 2010

Just when you think things can’t get worse in California comes the worst fiscal idea yet from Sacramento – selling off landmark state buildings to plug a fraction of this year’s budget gap, then turning around and renting the space at a premium from the state’s new landlords.

Activists as Experts

October 12, 2010

Yet another reason to be proud of our city is that San Francisco was "crowd sourcing" government long before the Internet era.

On any given day, hundreds of neighbors, activists and well-meaning agitators crowd into hearing rooms to help shape our local government. And over the years - they have shaped it, almost always, for the better.

User Generated Government

September 23, 2010

As Democrats fought to regain power over the past decade, we have seen a sophisticated online infrastructure develop, mature and help us win elections.

I’ve experienced the tremendous power of the online community with a statewide campaign I’m involved in,, which has quickly organized more than 25,000 Californians to support closing loopholes in Proposition 13.

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