BRT is Actually Kind of Cool

One of the things that I'm excited about for San Francisco is the Geary Corridor and Van Ness Ave plans for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). It looks like both are in the EIR phase of planning now, but if things go smoothly we could soon be experiencing a whole new shift in how we move about the City. You can read more about the Van Ness plan          here.

When I first heard of BRT I wasn't exactly thrilled about the idea. Why invest in an expensive bus service project when everyone knows that light rail is the smart choice? But if I'm not mistaken, and I hope someone here at Reset SF will set me straight if I'm wrong, doesn't BRT basically lay the path for a future light rail project 20 years down the road?

BRT is a great move towards a more mobile and accessible city. Anyone else excited?

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Looking at the visualizations, I'm concerned that traffic will be much worse due to losing a lane. Also, taxi drivers will be swerving in and out of the designated bus lane all day long. Neither of those are reasons to hold the project back; I like the idea, especially if it's laying the groundwork for a future light rail system.

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I have no quarrel with making

I have no quarrel with making car traffic worse within the city. I actually think it would be amazing to take half of the city streets in the city and make them have half the lanes. In the place of the lost traffic lanes, put bike paths, and green space. Beautify the city if you will. I know this sounds a little overdone and possibly too much, but being from the suburbs and being a person who has driven over 120,000 miles in just five years, i know that driving in the city is already rough. I don't see an issue with forcing the people in the suburbs find an alternative way to get into the city. If you don't do this, the people outside the city wont give up their cars, and that is a fact. Lets cater to ALL modes of transportation within the city, including walking, biking, bus, and subway transport.  


oh, and i love the BRT. I'm excited for it.

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