The noise from the clipper card

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I am surprise that nobody on this forum has yet complain about the noise from the Clipper Card. I am sure some of you have visited  and travelled on public transportation in Europe or Japan.  And you have noticed the difference in the tones.

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Not just the noise

What irks me is the length of time you have to hold the card to the Clipper machine; other metros (like in DC) that use a smart card system like this require just a quick swipe. Here you have to wait a few seconds while it reads your card, potentially causing lines.

I wonder why San Francisco went with a different system, and if upgrading is possible?

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For the expert

These are both good "Ask an Expert" questions for Thursday.  Check it out at

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Paris, Bruxelles, Vancouvrt==World Class City. San Francisco ?

Seem to me that Americans all have theie ipod ear-phones plugged in their ears permanently. An insul? For you to ponder.

They are not senitive to the *beep* noises generated from the Clipper machine. And they are okay/numbed  to be bombarded by recorded senseless messages.  A complain for the better MUNI, comfortable, enjoyable, peaceful ride. I am dreaming. I will just have to wear my ear protection while rideing the MUNI. 

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software bugs

On Ask An Expert, our experts are guessing that the Clipper machines have bugs which could be fixed by next generation software.  Lets ask MUNI where they are on this.

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