Are you currently A Stressed Out Workaholic

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It's a sad fact of life that the society we reside in rewards workaholism with promotion along with other carrots. However the damage caused by workaholism in the workplace cannot be understimated. The stress brought on by this ailment spreads to colleagues and is extremely infectious. For instance, the number of companies have a workplace stress policy ? Very few, I guess. Productivity suffers since the tierder the employees become, the less they produce.

Faster promotion and salaries would be the carrots held out to the workaholic who must keep his adrenaline rush going which is area of the addiction. Workaholics were surveyed recently and 38% claimed these were on $100,000 plus annually. Only 22% of individuals on lower salaries claimed they were really stressed out or workaholics. The workaholic though has problems with his colleagues and it is usually inadequate at delegating work.

Consider the medical check up for any workaholic. Not simply will they most likely have ulcers, anxiety attacks and depression which might result in suicide however they will even are afflicted by burnout and a range of stress disorders. However , workaholics are based upon the adrenaline which they need in greater and greater doses. They are often obtained by a heart attack, a stroke as well as other really serious illness.

Workaholics' families suffer too. The rate of divorces and separations are much higher among this category. They have a reduced self esteem and therefore are prone to depression. It's often been pointed out that families can enjoy the advantages of a higher quality lifestyle along with a more comfortable lifestyle but at what price ?

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