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Apple had it for some time but now can trace back their lost phone. Android users Google introduced this week the new Android Device Manager.

An online service that displays on a map where your phone was last detected.

Additionally, you can remotely delete personal data from your phone very useful if you see that the scum that has been exported abroad and you do not want your holiday snaps fall into foreign hands.

Is your phone somewhere in the house and you can not find it? Then put a distance the sound of the phone to maximum power. This also works if you had the sound.

On your phone The service will only work for devices that are turned on and are in contact with the mobile network.For who want to try out it works quite convenient.

Google will later this month introduce a tool called Android Device Manager. Allows users of Android phones can find a lost phone by playing a ringtone off or pass through Google Maps.

The tool which incidentally has already been available for business Google Apps users should come out sometime this month and works on all phones that run Android 2.2 or higher, and when a Google account is set.
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Through a web interface, users who have lost or misplaced their phone have some things to do to find it back.

First, a ringtone can be played regardless of whether the phone is on silent or vibrate mode the function is more effective than simply calling the unit.

In addition, the physical location of the device can be found, which is then applied to a Google Maps map. With indications of how accurate the localization is when the device was there last and when the phone was last used.

Can not be found the device then users can still choose to make clear that personal data can be anymore.

Google is relatively late to offer such functionality: Apple users have for some years about the possibility of returning to find their iPhone or iPad and Windows Phone has a feature that allows a lost device can be detected.

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