Clueless, tired liberal ideas

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Phil seems like a nice guy and a smart one, but I don't see anything here except the same recycled "progressive" poses that end up just supporting the status quo.

Increase the overall tax burden by upping property tax on commercial property. Who ends up paying?  All of us. Who benefits? The unions who currently have us in a stranglehold, with their featherbedding work rules and ruinous retirement plans.

Emblematic is the poll below, from this site. 


The bias in this poll is so evident.



Which form of transportation needs most improvement?



Only the liberal favorites get mentioned, not the other things that affect ordinary people. 

It fails to mention the one form of transportation that most San Franciscans probably actually use daily: the roads! Also, what about:



airport access


Get behind some real changes, Phil, and maybe this would be worth something. It looks to me like you just want to be part of the problem. 

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